monday stam-ina

Model Jessica Stam photographed for Fashion Feburary – “Underneath It All”

Monday Stamina

Model Jessica Stam photographed in Harper’s Bazaar Feburary 2007

monday stam-ina

Model, muse Jessica Stam


jessica stam feathered

Jessica Stam 70’s style

jessica stamtastic

birthday suit….sort of

Happy Birthday to Jessica Stam from twbe. We are giving the readers an extra muse today, since it’s her birthday.

jessica stam,yup

Jessica Stam in almost nothing.

Jessica stam can walk

jessica stam
Our not so new but becoming a favorite! 21 year old Jessica Stam show’s you how to walk, even though she tends to fall on the runway.

Today’s Wall Street Journal features the cutest video of Stam showing off what she’s best known for – the Stam.
We don’t know what we like the best – watching her walk, watching her talk, or just the big pouf dress.

Though we couldn’t imagine having to strut alongside her like the other girl in the video, especially after the grand introduction of “intern.”

Best line – “Look straight ahead and go for it.” So that’s how you walk.” Via Fashionista ( We like the look of there site….)