Barry McGee on VBS TV’s Art Talk

VBS TV keeps coming correct! Today marked the introduction of the first of two parts of an interview between Barry McGee and Aaron Rose for Art Talk. Watch the first part after the jump, or on their website here. [Read more]

Ten Questions with Randy Krallman


Ten Questions with Randy Krallman, Director, Age 37.

So you just had two ads in the superbowl where do you go now?

I’m considering going to the bodega to get some almonds and ginger ale. Other than that, no firm plans.

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GQ interviews Bill Richardson

It’s a good one.  Read it here

Ten Questions with Joshua Liner

1. Name?
Joshua Liner
2. Age?
33 years old
3. Occupation?
Art Gallery Owner/Director

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Interview with Boogie

One of my favorite photographers, Boogie, is interviewed by Format.  He has two books, Belgrade and Istanbul, being published towards the end of 2008.

Cool “Disco” Dan


For those who have lived in Washington, D.C., this one is for you all.  An interview with Cool “Disco” Dan, who, I am happy to report is still alive and well in the DC area.

broke ya neckkkkkk Q & A with Faile

faile-byn.jpgBYN gets down to the nitty gritty with Faile in an in depth Question & Answer.