“I feel like I’m taken far more seriously than I should be anyway”

An excerpted bit of an interview David Shrigley did with Dave Eggers.

Basquiat 1983


This 30 minute interview is awkward and informing.

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Interviewing Walton Ford

Whitewall magazine’s Winter issue features Walton Ford in one of the more interesting artist interviews I’ve ever read. Unfortunately, it’s only excerpted on their site. Meaning that you’ll have to buy the magazine to read it all, but let this snippet below entice you to find a distributor:

WW: Is the human in your work?

WF: It’s always there. There are cultural references in every single painting. Almost all the monkeys I’ve painted were peoples’ pets. I’ll have read a story about, say, a famous person — like Sir William Hamilton, the British ambassador to Naples in the 18th century. He had a pet monkey named Jack who died and was mourned like a human being. Jack’s role in Hamilton’s life was that of a sort of out-of-control court jester. He would grab male visitors by the testicles and then smell his hand. Here’s this man [Hamilton] who has to function as a courtier, with impeccable manners and diplomacy — but here’s his monkey, acting out in the wildest possible way. He loved Jack as much as he loved any person in his life. I’m not painting a monkey in nature — he likes to eat bananas or something. I painted Jack on his deathbed, this figure of 18th-century decadence, like he’s a dandy dying of syphilis. There’s a Greek sculpture of a naked boy on the table next to him, there’s a snuffed candle — a symbol of a life cut short — all this romantic imagery around him . . . and then Vesuvius is erupting in the background. I paint him as he was created by William Hamilton. It has nothing to do with the monkey. There isn’t a single painting that isn’t painted from a point of view similar to that, you see. And that’s where it drives me crazy when people think that I’m going to be some sort of person who loves animals, is [into] PETA or something. No, I’m only interested in people! King Kong isn’t a story until the chick shows up.

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Bones Brigade: An Autobiography

Stacy Peralta talks with ESPN about the new documentary debuting at Sundance in January

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Well Hello Scarlett

Scarlett Johanson in a nice interview with Arianna Huffington for Interview

“Man, I came a long way.”

Cam Newton gets interviewed by Jonathan Durbin for Interview

“I’m Somewhat Of A Magician”


A humorous Spike Jonze interview from 1996

Morning Dose of Princess Time With Neckface

This is great.

The Visionaire

A nice interview with our friend Kenzo Digital over at Life + Times


Cleon Peterson gets interviewed for Mediapart

An Interview With The Creator of The Sport-Utility Bathrobe

There are some ideas that we just love, and the sport-utility bathrobe is one of them. Created by movie marketing executive Graham Retzik, the robe combines a traditional terrycloth interior with a sturdy exterior inspired by a traditional safari field jacket. With only a couple days left to gain funding on kickstarter, we talked with Graham about the robe and also the men behind the style.

Help get the robe into production here and feel to know that a generous portion of all proceeds will be donated to protect Winnifred Beach, the spot where the inspiration came from.

“I wouldn’t be who I am without skateboarding and I feel privileged to have been a pro skateboarder.”

A great interview with Jason Lee over on Already Been Done.