we love/hate media temple


We hate when we are down, and love when we are up. We have had some tough times these last few months. Anyway today I spoke to a very nice and helpful, tech I believe his name began with a S, I do not want to butcher it or be wrong. S, was really helpfull and hopefully we solved our performance issues. Thanks again Media Temple  E>. TWBE

Listen below the fold


No, the site is not broken. We are experimenting with some audio players and testing out Imeem. It is a free site that lets you create playlists of music you have, upload, and search for to add to your list. It would be nice to change the colors, but it’s a start. Take a listen, the player sits below the fold. You can also launch a popup and play it all day. We hope to be bringing you new tracks as we find them.

Slow week at the twbe

It’s a holiday week at TWBE and we have been doing some maintenance and site updates. In 2009 we will be launching our newsletter, so sign up! And also a few little things like bigger images, music coverage and a couple surprises. Keep a look out for the 2 year anniversary party sometime in February (NYC). In the meantime check out our 2008 round ups below.

artorialustthumb The Best of the Artorialust

musethumb The Collection of Muses from 2008

sheppardthumb1 Shepard Fairey  every single print from 2008 slideshow

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The World’s best ever updated!

Welcome to the New World’s Best Ever. We have spent some time working on the new look. A huge round of applause goes out to Vinditto for putting it all together. You may see some bugs, and we are aware of this. We are working these out. We left Movable type for a more robust tool. Let us know what you think. We are still working on the Permalinks from movable type, please be patient. Thanks again for all your support. TWBE appreciates it.

Why the change? We had been having so many problems with moveable type. Let’s just say when your database gets tooooo big, it takes longer than most servers allow to rebuild…. you’re working in the dark. Which means we had not been seeing a lot of your comments, and sometimes you would see one of our posts twice. This all should be fixed now. (fingers crossed)