Japanese Monster Anatomy

A anatomical guide to monsters from 1967. Illustrated by Shogo Endo.

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Mad Magazine Cover Art

Leave it to Alfred E. Neuman to make your Friday that much better. Lifelounge turned us on to Doug Gilford’s MAD Cover Site, where we pulled these humorous works of art from. Definitely check out Doug’s site, it is the definitive resource when it comes to MAD Magazine.

GIF Magic


Garfield. That Fat, Lasagna Loving Cat

Bobby Hundreds recently sat down with Garfield creator Jim Davis for an interview in alignment with their new collaboration, good stuff.

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Where’s the Lighter?

Past to Present: Hands at Gigs

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Musician Style

The website EveryGuyed recently released a print series called Ensemble: The Style of Music. Featuring get-ups from 20 male musicians throughout history, the idea is fresh although, I have to admit that some of the artists chosen for this would not be on my list.

Designed by Glenn Michael of Moxy Creative House, and illustrated by James Alexander, the prints are available here

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Delicious Ampersands

Ampersand Food Groups by Dan Beckenmeyer

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Screaming Ham


Unicorn Being a Jerk

No clue how we missed this month’s ago but, there is good news for those like us who were unable to purchase the first edition. Author/Illustrator C.W. Moss is working on an expanded version of Unicorn Being a Jerk due out in 2011 for ‘It Books’, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

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Skate castle

A nice illustration by Attila Szamosis

Christoph Nieman’s visual Diary of a flight from New York to Berlin

Taken from his fantastic blog, Abstract City

Steve Nazar

Steve Nazar is the man behind some of the greatest T-shirt Graphics and characters of all-time for T&C Surf Designs. Thrilla Gorilla, Joe Cool, Primal Pete, and the Pray For Surf Guys, all classic. I am super-psyched that Steve has made available some original drawings and prints of these graphics that were previously archived. They are affordable as well, so you should jump on over to his site to own a piece of surf history.
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