Mike Giant: The Mission Map Project

Robert Johnson: Devilish Detail

A great video illustrated by Christopher Darling for Nowness

Grotesk – A Decade of Swiss Design Lost in Brooklyn

This is a well designed retrospective of Grotesk‘s illustration and design work. The book is real fun to page through.

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On Top of Illustrating Book Covers, Frank Frazetta Also Modeled For Them

The Man From S.T.U.D.

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Eastern Eggs For Japan

14 different illustrations to choose from to be implemented on a wooden egg by a magical machine called the Egg-Bot (video after the jump), with all the proceeds going to the Japan Red Cross. This is a fantastic idea from the folks at TBWA London.

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Hipster Animals

These are funny

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Cartoon LULZ

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A New Shel Silverstein Book, Everything On It

Due out this September is a posthumous release of unseen poems and drawings by Shel Silverstein in a new book Every Thing On It.

If you pre-order now, you’ll be stoked when it shows up at your door after you forgot you ordered it. Do it.

Snooki in Wonderland

Snooki In Wonderland is an improved version of the classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” Imagine that. It’s available as a book on Kindle here

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8-Bits in Reality

Nice work by UK-Based illustrator Aled Lewis.

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Skateboard Mythologies

Trevor Burks is a NY-based illustrator. He made a book of illustrations “based on my personal mythologies surrounding growing up skateboarding in a small town.”

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Rogelio Naranjo

Born in 1937, Rogelio Naranjo is a Mexican cartoonist and caricaturist.