Our Nation of Animation

“Clearly he drank too much and has no recollection how he ended up on that roof.”


Man celebrates new job the old fashioned way.

Self-actualization from the ghost of Frida Kahlo

Nature’s Most Extravagant Narcissist

The Life Of Pitti Peacocks.

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Annoying ABC’s


Trump Cards by Winston Tseng.

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Just When You Thought You’ve Seen Everything…

Not even from Japan.


Whatever It Takes


Flier by Nathaniel Russell.



It’s got our vote.

“When In Doubt, Always Pull Out The Simpsons voices”

Hank Azaria doles out advice to Tufts University graduates.

Hold Tight

Fired on Mars, a brilliant short about a guy who gets fired from his job on Mars.

by Nick and Nate.

He dealt It, She Smelt It


After being denied sex, a Swedish man let out a ‘revenge fart’ so stinky that the lady on the receiving end had to call the cops.

Misaligned Clowns

Ottawa Gary tells some tales for the Forest City Rockers.