No Rocks in These Kitchens

The Cult of Pyrex


Living Room Aquatics

Good Worth & Co.’s Smoking Fish Rug.



Protect the Ocean From Your Laundry

The Cora Ball collects the microfibers from your clothing before they sink away in the washer.


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Sunken Pleasures

The return of the conversation pit.



The Sobro is So Bro

Peak internal influence exists in the living room. The Sobro is a smart coffee table featuring a refrigerated drawer, Bluetooth speakers, charging ports, and of course, LED lights.


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The Winds of Climate Change

Human Made’s Polar Bear paper weight.

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Chaos to Containment

The Grating Bucket by Eva Solo.

Sleeping With Your Jesus Sandals

Birkenstock gets into the bed game.

Blanket Statement

“Sleep On,” a wool blanket by Parra.

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Woods by Wood

Dare to get the night sweats in this luxurious lambswool blanket edition by artist Jonas Wood.

Burning Right Past Fall


Xanadu, a special winter edition candle by Wary Meyers.

Lay it on the Floor or Hang it On a Wall


Eddie Martinez x Case Studyo ‘UNTITLED’ hand woven woolen rug.

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