A History of the Pineapple.


Zigging and Zagging

The ivy league history of the curveball.


An ancient Excel spreadsheet

Skipping spring break to decipher an Inca khipu.


Iron of the Sky


King Tut’s Dagger Was Made From a Meteorite

Adidas Mongolias


Holding up well after 1500 years.

More News From the Ancient World


Archaeologists think they have found the lost city of Kane in the Aegean sea.

The Ancient World’s So Hot Right Now


“Thermal anomalies” have been discovered within the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Ancient Earth Plans in Kazakhstan


Thanks to space-age technology, previously unknown earth manipulations dating back to 8000 B.C. have been discovered in the Turgai region of northern Kazakhstan.

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The Monotony of Going Nowhere Fast

Something you’ve probably never thought of… the dark and twisted history of the treadmill.

Longread Food History


The Great Sushi Craze of 1905: The Unexpected History of Japanese Food in America, From Edo Bay to the Bowery

Benedict IX, the Sex Party Pope

Mansa Musa, The “King of Kings”