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We have always liked the work of Sam Flores and the store that is Upper Playground.  To celebrate Upper Playground’s 10 year anniversary, the artist and store have come together to create a mega giveaway in the form of a 4′ x 6′ painting by Mr. Flores.  All you have to do is give them your email address.  Let’s hope shipping is free.

All of the information is here

Vandal Squad Giveaway photos

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The following is a slideshow of our favorite pics from the Vandal Squad Book Giveaway.  The winning flick is at the end and what made us choose it was because it was different than all of the others. Thanks to all who entered and congrats to Roy.

Vandal squad book giveaway


We recently received a copy of the new book, Vandal Squad. Written by Joseph Rivera and published by powerHouse Books, the book contains some great flicks as well as run downs of various NY Writers.

In the Christmas spirit, we would like to share this book with one lucky reader so we have created a contest of sorts to make it all happen.

For a chance to win a copy of vandal squad, please submit to us your favorite photograph of graffiti (street art does not apply). On December 30th, we will select our favorite photo of the bunch and ship the book out to you the following week. You can enter up to 5 photos, but please adhere to the following guidelines…
Maximum width is 800 pixels

If known, please include name of writer or location of shot.

No Street Art.

The deadline for entries is December 29th 11:59 est. and nothing submitted later will be eligible.

please email the photo(s) to:  giveaway (at)

world of war review + giveaway

It’s the holiday and we are feeling generous.  We have been reviewing Call Of Duty: World At War, and have decided to give a few copies of the game away to readers. but first we thought we would give it a play, see the review below.

First the review, then the contest.

If you want to get “in the shit” but can’t afford a time machine, Call Of Duty: World At War will do pretty nicely. While the sentiment is known more from the ‘Nam era than any other military situation, the initial gameplay from this WWII era first person shooter definitely gives off that vibe. Starting off in the jungles and villages of Japanese occupied territories, you work your way through objectives while heavily camouflaged enemy soldiers create enough confusion to accidentally cause more than a few friendly-fire mistakes. This gives way to Nazi themed levels, with vehicles like tanks available for some gameplay.

The graphics are lush and wonderful, with beautiful night skies, swaying trees and brush, and occasional ambience like smoke from nearby fires and grenade explosions. All of it is wrapped in solid type and graphic design for level intros, and player deaths are characterized by a bleak Saving Private Ryan style drop-to the-ground-screen-goes-black-and-white-blood-fills-around-the-edges animation. Unfortunately the visuals aren’t as lushly layered with smoke, grime and dust as we’d like, but perhaps the historical accuracy of the game benefits from actually being able to see what’s going on.

Gameplay is solid if not a little scripted- you can die repeatedly but keep hammering through the objectives trying different tactics with each restart. Multiplayer is decent with some fun options (Nazi zombies, anyone?) involving all the solo and team play scenarios expected nowadays. The only drawback to this historical shooter is that we all know how the war ended, and pushing your way through the war with no fun surprise at the end can get old if you’re the type of gamer who also enjoys the horror and scifi variants on these types of games.


I want to thank our new game review PC for taking care of this.

To WIN a copy of the game all you need to do is click here and fill out the form and select “Giveaway” from the dropdown or send a email to giveaway(@) and tell us how if you had this game. how it would change your life? That’s it, but be as creative as possible, and make it fun for the holidays!

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