Montana Paint’s Advent Calendar App, Win 696 Cans of Spray Paint

Our friends at Montana have a pretty cool app for their facebook page that randomly awards a new prize daily to those who sign up for it. The grand prize is 696 cans of spray paint, which I can say that after seeing that many cans this past week is A LOT. Try your luck, and sign up on their facebook page here.

We’re celebrating Pelé’s Birthday(s) by giving away a 2011 NY Cosmos Fan Ball

Depending on who you talk to, Pelé’s birthday was either October 21st, or October 23rd.  To celebrate, the New York Cosmos are having a celebratory event at Planet Hollywood in Times Square.  For those that aren’t keen on trekking into Times Square on a Saturday, no worries, we have one of these balls to give away.  To win, just tell us in the comments how old Pelé is turning.  First one correct wins.

Castles in the Sky DVD Giveaway


I sat down and watched Taylor Steele’s latest surf film Castles in the Sky a couple nights ago, and was really blown away by the beautiful imagery on the DVD.  That, and it was totally relaxing. I have the opportunity to give one dvd away to a lucky reader, so to win it (US Only), be the first to name Taylor Steele’s first directed documentary in the comments section, and it is yours. For those that don’t win, you can pick up the Castles in the Sky immediately through iTunes.

Poketo x FriendsWithYou Wallet Giveaway

We’ve joined up with Poketo to help celebrate the Wish Come True Limited Edition Wallet Series that they created with FriendsWithYou. We’ll be asking you to retweet one wish using your Twitter by 5pm EST and then a couple lucky folks will be randomly chosen.  So what are you waiting for? Start Wishing

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Lomography camera giveaway-last chance today!


Check it out, courtesy of the kind folks over at Cornerstone we are giving away a Lomography camera and CD/DVD package from One Fast Move Or I’m Gone: Kerouac’s Big Sur.  The original 12 song soundtrack was done by Jay Farrar of Son Volt and Benjamin Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie–with lyrics based on prose from Kerouac’s 1962 novel Big Sur. The documentary is a definitive look at Kerouac’s book Big Sur, and the camera…well, the camera is awesome in its own right. So to recap, you have a chance to win a camera, cd, and dvd, for just typing your name and email address (we don’t share that stuff, either). How hard is that?

Register now until January 6th and you might win a really cool gift. Also, while your at it sign up for our newsletter!
Check out the trailer after the jump.

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(Untitled) the Movie + Giveaway


We had a chance to see a screening of (Untitled) a couple moments back, and liked it enough to give you all the heads up about it.  Starring Adam Goldberg, a sexy Marley Shelton, Eion Bailey, Lucy Punch, and Vinnie Jones (as a mix of Maurizio Cattelan and Vinnie Jones), the film is based on the NY Art Scene in all of its idiosyncracies. We definitely recommend seeing its debut in theaters this weekend.  As a bonus, we have a package containing a full size movie poster and the original soundtrack for the movie to giveaway.  Since the movies tagline is “Everyone’s got an opinion”, watch the trailer after the jump, then give us your opinion in the comments.  Best one wins.

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City of God’s Son CD Giveaway


I stopped by my friend Kenzo‘s studio yesterday, and upon my exit he blessed me with a bunch of promotional cd’s of his really dope sampling epic, City of God’s Son.  Lucky for you, we’re giving some away.  Just email giveaway (at) theworldsbestever (dot) com with subject heading God’s Son, and I’ll mail one out.  For a refresher, the trailer is after the jump.

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all points west (jersey city)


Here’s a reason to come to New York Jersey, All Points West just announced the line up for this summer’s festival. One highlight… Kool Keith, that’s all you really need to know…


Here’s the line up…..

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Images from our Saber Giveaway

Saber kills it.

To see the winning shot from the giveaway, check the video post here (or below).

Our judge selects a Saber Piece


A couple weeks ago we asked our readers to send in their favorite picture of a Saber piece for a chance to win this print. And you did!  The video above shows the selection process of our esteemed judge, 2-year old Logan.

Picture of the Day


A TWBE sticker on a marker in the middle of a frozen lake in New Hampshire, photographed by my friend Ben Smith.

If you want a pack of stickers email giveaway (at) theworldsbestever (dot) com with the subject line stickers and your address and I’ll mail some to you.

~The Enablist

Saber Print Giveaway: Ended


Our friends on the West Coast blessed us with this new print from Saber to give away to one lucky reader.  To make things interesting and make you eligible to win, submit to us a photo of your favorite Saber piece.  Next Thursday we’ll randomly select a winner and send this fresh print right out to you. And for those who are lazy, there are still a couple prints left here.

To enter:

Email your photos with the subject line: Saber to giveaway (at) theworldsbestever (dot) com by Wednesday, February 25th at 11:59 pm

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