Be Back Tomorrow

I’m traveling back east plus it’s my birthday… you all are the best. Thanks.

On Vacation

From now until an undetermined time in 2010 we’ll be on vacation. My 2007 MacBook died. Let’s all Deal with it in the most positive way possible which would be to abandon the Internet outright until further notice. It’ll be relaxing.

A Note From Headquarters

Thanks. More info here


It’s MLK day. Take the day off

sometimes strange things happen here


No your browser is not f’d up. We notice from time to time similarites in posts. This one was a little creepy, but so far apart and not planned. We have a library of Adriana images that we pick from, but our picture of the day is of the moment. I looked at the site today, and I was a little creeped out by this one…. Scroll down and look for yourself.

Good Morning dub

Just want to send out a thank you for reading the dub and following us on twitter. Plus I found this awesome animated gif and I needed a reason to post it. If your not on our twit  click to the right  and come on.