wooden ipod case


Get your self a fifth generation iPod video 30GB&60GB 80GB woody! A limited production, but very cool.Comes in 3 type of wood, adult [uenji], [toratsudo] orthodox teak, Clean maple. And, of course available in Japan. Created by Japanese wooden toymaker Asuka Koubou

Gun Operated Alarm Clock


The alarm clock has seen a resurgence of innovation in recent years. Unfortunately, most of these new designs focus heavily on waking someone up with an extremely loud noise or what can only be described as

sidekick on a razr


hiptop3.com reports …”We got the image above from someone who probably wants to remain anonymous. We

bluetooth pillow


URBAN TOOL is showing its new concept “perCushion” product at CeBIT in Hannover. The perCusion is radical new concept in cell phone interaction. It’s a stylish and plush cushion that your cell phone communicates with digitally via Bluetooth. The perCushion has a built in microphone and speakers so you can interact with your cell phone while relaxing on your sofa!

prada phone packaging

Prada update, the phone is making its debut.

sony phone W660


Engadgets has posted Sony’s new walkman phone. Its sporty orange trim gets switched out for a classy attempt in gold on Sony Ericsson’s newest rendition, the W660. At a svelte 0.57-inches, the UMTS 2100 and GPRS 900/1800/1900 phone really packs in the goods with Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, FM radio support, a 2 megapixel camera, web browsing, RSS feeds, and a 512 MB Memory Stick Micro (upgradeable) that holds up to 470 of songs. It has a 2-inch color TFT display and totes random extras like TrackID, a music identification service, and a Picture Blogging function that allows you to send snapshots directly to your personal blog. To top off the lifestyle angle on this phone, Sony Ericsson has embellished the pants offa this one, with the aforementioned gold trim on both glossy color options, Record Black and Rose Red. The Rose Red (geez, what’s up with the cranberry hype?) model jazzes it up a bit more with its floral-themed relief pattern on the backside. For those of you who are more concerned with performance, you’ll get up to 6 hours of talk time on GSM, up to 2.5 hours with 3G, or a max of 25 hours of music listening.



Tattoo your gear with lasers! Check out razorlab in the UK.

push for the future


2015, the year Marty McFly visited the Hilldale of the future and rode around briefly on a hoverboard. Future Horizons inc. is trying to bring 2015 to 2007 with their own hoverboard (pictured above). Measuring 5 ft long and 2 ft wide it can lift a 200+ lb rider a whole inch above the ground. While they do not actually offer the hoverboard for sale, they do offer the plans for it for $40 meaning that you can do some design tweaks and possibly craft something better. Future Horizons inc. also offers plans for jet packs, laser pistols, and a whole lot more.

reason to love the mac, bullet proof


A mugging victim in Brazil avoided a trip to the ER thanks to his trusty bodyguard, a seemingly bulletproof MBP. It ain’t no Toughbook, but at least it took one for the team. Read More at Engadget .

Retro style


Panasonic RP-HTX7 headphones are the “hipster shite”, from the cream perforated leather head strap to the enamel speaker casing, you will be the envy on the L train. And, the sound quality is excellent. Its Hi-Def for your ears.

useless necessity


The people behind shalgo promise to blow your mind with podflips.
What are P

substitute for the iphone


While your waiting for the iphone, feast your i’s on The KDDI AU Meda Skin. It’s only available in Japan, but still. It’s comforting to know that it’ll exist soon and make people just stick with my Sony Ericsson M600i. Via Jeansnow, via Storm from the east.happy.

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