rattlesnake tequila


Gene Parmesan’s brother, Chester Copperpot, arrived on the East Coast last night. With him came our favorite indulgence, rattlesnake tequila. Bought in Mexico out of a barrel, rattlesnake tequila tastes like cinnamon and is smoother than a glass of water. The key ingredient is a rattlesnake that is chopped up fresh and thrown into a vat of whatever white tequila is available at the time. Good stuff.



Absinthe is the new RedBull. The GothFather, Marilyn Manson has begun distributing his new drink, Mansinthe. The traditional herbal liqueur of absinthe is currently celebrating a huge renaissance. The international demand for the official Marilyn Manson absinthe,



This has to be the best bottle design ever. Created for Wild Bunch Co.. If the 100% organic juice tastes as good as the bottle looks then it’s a win win. Did I mention the bottles cost around $10.00 with a minimum of a $400.00 order.

Start Planning for your indoor drinks


As you get a taste of the fall to come, it’s time to start making a list of your indoor drinking spots. The Bar at the Empire Hotel (44 West 63rd St, at Broadway; 212.265.7400) is one to consider. Now open in the remodeled hotels lobby, this low-lit bar is outfitted in circa 1953 playboy club aesthetic. With 40ft high golden curtains, oak-paneled mirrors, and zebra-print ottomans, you are sure to be drinking in style.

choose your glass by the wine


Glassware manufacturer Riedel has created an extensive collection of stemware that will redefine your drinking habits. You would never drink a martini in a wine glass, nor would you drink a Riesling out of a Pinot glass. Check out their collection and their guide to the perfect glass for your poison.

our favorite new off-campus bar


Our favorite new new bar to open in Williamsburg, “Macri Park” located on Union, between Metropolitan and Conselyea St. The bar takes its name from the Park across the street. It features a outdoor space and a indoor grass stage/dj booth. By the looks of it there was a little $$$ that went into it, from the in-floor lighting to the angled celling. One of the best features of the bar is the full walk through open space from street to backyard, which creates a wind tunnel to keep you cool. The bar opens at 6am so if your looking for a early drink or a late late drink, its possible here. They plan to start serving some coffee and lite breakfast snacks in from the kitchenette. The bar is a “finished” product, so enjoy the drinks at this new off campus spot!

wine by design


Admittedly I do not know much about wine except for which vineyards I like, and that zinfandel and pinot noir are my jam. What attracted me to ridge wines was their label, simple and clean. The wine itself is great and does the job to the point where I can sit gazing admirably at the label. Full circle.

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