Bass IPA


Stumbled into this last night at a bodega… not bad.

Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Light Super Bowl XLVII Commercial


Sixpoint 3BEANS


Mast Brothers cocoa husks, Stumptown’s cold-press coffee, and the high protein Romano bean come together in Sixpoint’s latest, deliciously alcoholic offering.


Re-Up: AJ Fosik’s Beer Sweaters

We did a little Q&A in March 2010 with Artist/Sculptor A.J. Fosik about his awesome Beer Sweater Collection. Now that we’re in Sweater weather, I felt it was the appropriate time to unleash it again.

“It’s true, my beer sweater collection has reared it’s ugly head.” ~ A.J. Fosik

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Sixpoint’s Fall beer is mighty tasty.

The Beer Shuttle

Unfortunately, decommissioned in 1984.

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Morning Dose of Beer Chase


Carlton Draught

(thanks Kiji!)

Axes of Evil

Jay Howell made a rad label for this beer from Gigantic Brewing Company.

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Sixpoint Brownstone

The first beer that Sixpoint ever made is now available in a can. Perfect for the stoop at the end of the Summer, although watch out for the cops who deem private property public.

Bastards Lager

Motörhead’s new beer

Churchkey Pilsner

Drink beer like your Grandpa did at your age. Portland and Seattle I’m talking to you, since you’re the only ones who can do that right now.

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Advanced Cozie Design

Scorzie is a beer cozie that keeps tally for any games that might require scorekeeping.

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