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Six Point has a new can of beer arriving on shelves this November.

Anno 1666…


A Stella Artois dream can

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We love booze—remember last year’s booze cruise? So we were thrilled to find out that Shiner, Texas’ oldest independent brewery, is finally bringing its beers to New York.

The brand’s signature brew, Shiner Bock, has been a Southern staple for decades, known for its deep amber color and distinctive flavor, which is perfect for pairing with beef ribs or brisket.

It’s no surprise then that Hill Country Barbecue Market is one of the first places to carry Shiner in New York. In addition to their Longhorn Cheddar mac & cheese and braised collard greens with bacon, Hill Country now offers four Shiner beers on tap (Shiner Bock, a pilsner an IPA and a seasonal beer).

Shiner has also found a new home at VICE, where it has a branded section titled “What the Bock,” which features posts on tattoos, barbecues and asks locals who they would most like to have a beer with (answers include Kurt Cobain, Dustin Hoffman, Eazy-E and God).

We can’t wait to get down to Hill Country or pick up a pack of their golden pale ale, which would be perfect to make our favorite booze-cruise recipe: the beer-onion soup sandwich.

It Is The Power


A 40 oz. Olde English 800 Pendant by Han Cholo

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Iron Maiden Trooper Beer


“A beer created by Iron Maiden, brewed by Robinsons.” Available stateside in the late summer.

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The World’s First Playable Beer Bottle

The Beck’s Edison Bottle



END OF DAYS, an homage to Max Fish.

Featuring artwork by Craig Wetherby, Ricky Powell, Wyatt Neumann, Max Snow, Jason Goldwatch, George Horner, Robert Nightingale, FAILE, Greg Lamarche, Dave Ortiz, Cecilia Jurado, Lady Aiko, BEAU, Bäst, Norma Markley and surprise guests…

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IDEO Designed Sam Adams’ New Beer Can


Due out this summer, the new can is designed so you won’t get the feeling that you’re drinking with a hole in your lip.

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Today in Beer Marketing Gimmicks


Budweiser is introducing an already crushed Bowtie-Shaped Can.

We’ll Drink With That


Supreme’s English Pint Glass

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How to pick the freshest pint when you’re at a pub.


Charlie “The Pope of Foam” Bamforth, the head of Malting and Brewing Science at UC Davis, explains.

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Spiegelau IPA Glass


The drinking glass masters over at Spiegelau collaborated with Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada to create a beer glass specifically for I.P.A.. ($25/pair)

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