Albino Redwoods



“only a few dozen albino redwood trees are known to exist. They are genetic mutants that lack the chlorophyll needed for photosynthesis. But how and why they survive is a scientific mystery. QUEST ventures into the deep canopy of Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park near Felton, California to track down these elusive phantoms of the forest.”

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Recycled Suit tote Bag

Not too shabby.

Each one is different which is why the description reads “Only 1 in the world.”

100% recycled, used clothing. Eco Party Mearry. 19.7″ x 16.9″(50 cm x 43 cm)

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The Element Planter

Part planter / part bench.  Designed by Charles Constantine

“The Element planter series seeks to challenge the notion of what a planters role in the modern home environment can be. Rather than playing a supporting role, the Element series’ forward thinking design puts it in the forefront of any landscape project. The unique forms that were created for the series draw inspiration from ocean jettys, and are meant to inspire contemplation, and provoke conversation. For these reasons Element adds a modern yet familiar feeling to any project or garden.”

Available at Planterworx

punk rock cupcakes are awesome

Someone make these for me.


your summer adidas slvr plim


Adidas has recently released SLVR, a line of shoes that are simply designed and have a smaller footprint on the environment. For example, the upper sole on an ordinary shoe contains 25-30 pieces, a SLVR shoe gets the job done in 6. Nice!  Check out the line here. I am into the PLIM (pictured above) for summer.