racist disney characters


This probably entered the world wide web ages ago, but I am slow to such things. The 9 Most Racist Disney Characters brought to you by Cracked.com

GreenPeace Whale Naming Competition


Name a whale with Green Peace

funny exam answers


This site Funny Exam Answers reminds me of the answers I may or may not have given to school-related questions. Pure entertainment.

via, LostAtEMinor

mike huckabee and chuck norris, whatever

Being on vacation in Florida means that I get to spend some quality time in front of the fox news channel with my grandparents. This seems to be the only thing they watch with the exception of the Lawrence Welk Show. Now that I am caught up on the yawn-inducing world of politics, I have to say I find it astonishing that there is a candidate named Huckabee, and that his first commercial is based around a Chuck Norris endorsement. I blame it on his lazy eye. Now the commercial does have some great material in it and I understand that this was a great publicity move, I am talking about him, but there are so many other bit characters that I would have rather seen. Chuck Norris is an old dud, Mr. T would have been flavorful. What about Weird Al? Or even Henry Winkler? Whatever, I’ll tell you my vote if the man lets him make it that far, Bill Richardson.

victoria’s little secret


For your eyes only, check out Michaela Kocianova, from men.style’s, pictorial on the victoria secret show. some good one’s, some really bad. Enjoy.

living in NY has its perks


So as we all know there is a writer’s strike going on. But, that does not mean that we have to be without SNL and 30 Rock. Both of these shows are set to perform live at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater on Saturday and Monday, respectively. While advance tickets are sold out, you can get in line and hope to make it inside the 120-seat theater. via, the Gothamist



“Dynamite waiting to happen!” is what Anjay called it. Morbidly, he forecasted his own demise as the council members decided to “mix up” the districts. This episode’s end would find our Bollywood bound Hindu from Blue crying to whichever of his thousands of gods would listen as Greg exclaimed, “Dude, SHUT UP!” to his lame pre-challenge pep-talk and would ultimately dispute his seat on the town council. “Mix up” turned out to be a relative term when all but Laurel, whose course red hair and gritty New England accent left little room for discussion, added 1 member from another district to theirs, shattering friendships in the process but retaining the overall stink of each district. Despite adding Blaine, the girly pussies of Yellow still cried themselves to sleep at night, everyone on Blue still hates Anjay, especially since he split up Greg and Blaine, and Red is even more of a bunch of boogers with Nathan added to the mix (except for DK and Markelle; anyone who would buy a pogo stick for the sole purpose of ripping down someone’s campaign banner and pogo-ing on it in the center of town is alright in my book). But it wasn’t all bad, Blaine took advantage of his transfer to move out of Greg’s shadow. His increased presence was not overlooked as he was awarded the gold star this week. Still drunk on his newly acquired $20,000 of solid gold, Blaine put forth his bid to take on Zach for district leader as elections loom on the horizon. In his words, “I’m a man of action. I can get things done. Sometimes it takes actions to get things done.” That’s good talkin’ son. Here’s to hoping that it takes action to get things done all the time. Enjoy your 20G payday Blainester, GeneP out.

video games that should be made into movies


NY Mag’s “The Ten Video Games That Should Be Movies (and the Directors Who Should Make Them)”. Highlights include Larry Clark directing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Michel Gondry directing Tetris.

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chris yormick x swindle x w hotel white space


If you are in NY on November 15th, start your night off by attending this nice collabo between Chris Yormick (Rust), Swindle Magazine, and W Hotel. The opening reception is between 7 and 9pm at the W hotel in Times Square. More info here, and here

crazy blind date


Crazy Blind Date may actually work. The premise is simple, enter the site, drop some information with your availabilty and location, figure out what time you can meet, then let the algorithm’s do the work. What’s the worst that could happen? Oh yeah, murder. But it is worth a shot anyway.

sam flores: half mexican


Sam Flores, whose show Senso to Heiwa opens at Lineage Gallery next week, is half mexican. On his blog, he reveals that other half, Pepe.


Gene Parmeshawn: DON’T go buy now!


Greetings you scat-daddy scallywags, as your Main Man Gene P curled up with his favorite Wednesday night accoutrements: a 22 of the Balantine and a bag of crab chips to watch his favorite Wednesday night primetimer: Kid Nation, he was met with the very screen you see above. At first I thought I might have eaten one of those Fisher Price toys with the GHB in it, but I remembered my roommate already took those to a party in Bushwick. Then what was I seeing? Russian spy messages? A heated game of Pong??? Nyet! It was just my shitty TV doing what it does best, stopping me from getting awesome with the weekly radditude of CBS primetime. How was I to ever know if Green would make the Upper Class??? No worry, for any of you that are so hopelessly out of the loop, each show is archived on CBS’s website. These bad boys are too damn good to not share and we thank the fine folks at CBS for realizing that. So if you haven’t already, don’t delay cause this show is one not to miss. There’s a talent show where Olivia does stand-up, Green FINALLY wins upper class, and there’s no bonus reward cause the suckers on Yellow couldn’t finish the challenge. They also gave the gold star to some girl who I think wanted to go home or something, I’m not sure, at this point I was kind of bored so I started eating plastic stuff around the apartment to see if it could get me high. I kind of lost track of the show when I started choking on the stands for one of the Wii controllers.