know your gangs

I forgot all about gangs until I received a shady email about Blood initiations this weekend. While searching for some photos of them, I came across this website, Know Gangs, which could be perceived as an attempt for a gang social networking site. Which would be totally cool. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the site is “a leading training provider for law enforcement, educators and social service workers seeking to enhance their knowledge about gangs, drugs and school violence.” Inspired by my refreshed interest in all things “gang”, I found this nice video on you tube of some bloods doing what they do second best, dance.

economically depressing days ahead


Ignorance was bliss. Now that I am paying attention, all of this impending financial doom is depressing me.

Investment Bank views on 2008

Economic fear in the UK

The Art Market in 2008

Photo by Mike Brodie

hardley surton, soft porn impressario


Hardley Surton
is a proprietor of a most incredible web ring of soft porn, completely safe for the work environment. Seriously, there is humor to these.

Babes With Books

Women With Wine

Tea Birds

Sleeping Cuties

The Cleavage Blog

Cutie Curiosa

lake bell is hot


Ridiculously hot. More from GQ

buy this condo in Marco Island Florida


Fed up with city living and cold weather? Move to Florida, specifically, Marco Island, Florida. If you have never been to this Island in Southwest Florida, you should go. The condo is a 10 minute walk (5 minute golf cart ride) from a private beach where you can go hours without seeing a person. On top of that, Sunsets like no other and a golf course. Take the visual tour and contact the Erickson Team about purchase.

the world’s worst ever


I have always enjoyed some good old negativity combined with dismal forecasting. Luckily, Satchel of Gravel kept it in the spirit today with an all too real look ahead to 2008.

giant robot 20% off coupon


If you are blessed enough to be close to a Giant Robot store, print out this coupon and receive 20% off any purchase. There is so much great stuff in their shops that the only problem you will encounter is deciding exactly what to buy.

office revolt


Via Banananutrament.

buy dead Saddam Hussein’s yacht


Once named Qadissiyat Saddam, but now named Ocean Breeze, this

the weird world of collecting


Apparently flashlights, in particular mag-lites, have a huge following. There is even a Candle Power forum where this picture comes from. Sizzlechest has the entire color spectrum of lights, set-up nice in his basement. Wow! Have a look



Narchitecture is a term that I hope gets adopted by the architecture vocabulary brass. Summing it up is easy. Take late 1970’s and into the 80’s South Florida, add the flux of cocaine (and other drug) money, mix in some ostentatious taste and start building. C-Monster gives a nice little tour with examples on her blog, here.

tai chi pete


In an article in the Guardian titled Kicking the Habit, we find out that Pete Doherty has taken up Martial arts to help him stay clean.

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