vote for your favorite sex position

the-shoulder-holder.jpgOn the brink of Valentine’s Day, Men.Style.Com has put together a nice feature where you can read about and vote on various sex positions.Here is the direct link to the voting

graffiti soldiers

graf-soldiers-1.jpgHere’s to all the graff writers doing time occupying the Middle East. Read more here.via, c-monstergraf-soldiers-2.jpg [Read more]



Retrojunk is a website that brings me back to my childhood days of the 80’s. Which by the way was the best time to grow up, ever.

swindle issue 15

swindle-15.jpgThe new issue of Swindle is out now. Number 15 features Cheryl Dunn, Painters in the Congo, and more.

An Evening With Cannonball Press and Space 1026


Get tipsy in a museum with Cannonball Press and Space 1026. PopRally coming through for the single set.

Peter Vallone Jr. is an idiot

peter-vallone.jpgVandal Squad Douchehead Peter Vallone Jr. held a press conference to plea for bodegas to stop stocking Arizona’s All City energy drink. Because you know the energy in the can will enable you to catch that many more tags.image and story via Razor Apple


DEALER-MCDOPE-DEALING-GAME.jpgI used to have a board game similar to this called Trafficking in college. Needless to say, it was never played because it was way too difficult and we were pretty lazy.I definitely dig the write up:Leave Doobietown, USA and journey to an intriguing port of call, score caches of dope and return home anxious to sell. Sounds simple, and it is — as long as karma, skill, and the roll of the dice are on your side, and you don’t get hassled at any borders, ripped off by your partner, or busted. Yeh, busted. Lots of dealers go to jail. Yes, dealing is a high risk/high gain situation. Remember, all dealers play hard, but they don’t all play fair. When in doubt, ask yourself what McDope would do if he were there.Available at Last Gasp

it’s good to be a schnabel


I caught this little blurb in Page Six yesterday “44-year-old supermodel Elle Macpherson is dating Vito Schnabel, the sexy 21-year-old art dealer son of acclaimed director Julian Schnabel.” Fuck. Seriously, good for this kid. See the opportunities you are given when you are born into some type of celebrity household.

via, page six

David Choe gets all Bloggy

david-choe-nude.jpgIt has been a while since I checked up on David Choe’s blog, and it shows. The blog has been re-skinned and updated like mad. Busy times for the busy artist who has a UK solo show opening up at Lazarides in mid to late February.david-choe-converse.jpg

Photo of the Day: Take That!

fuseopening_2325.JPGI couldn’t agree more. Via

what is an interpunct?


While searching for grammar usage(seriously), I came across this interesting thread on PainInTheEnglish. Initially, it was the interest in the triangular symbol between Prince and St that got me to click through. Then I got to read the comments, wow. So what is an interpunct?
According to Wikipedia
“An interpunct

Lost seal chilling in a puddle


Sometimes you need a change of scenery. At least one elephant seal in San Lois Obispo thinks so. A couple days ago the seal left the beach, crossed a highway, and settled into a puddle. Sounds ideal, relaxing in a puddle. Local Authorities are not tampering with the seals bliss, instead they will monitor it to see how the seal will make its way back to the ocean. For now it stays put, total relax.
you can watch a video of the seal here