Blue Teeth

New graphic magic from Uno Moralez.


The Fourth World

The story of Jack Kirby and the villains of the Justice League.


A Fire Story

Comic artist Brian Fies’s house burned down in the devastating fire that swept into Santa Rosa. He made this beautiful 18-page comic to come to terms with it.


Wave Watch

A 1986 interview with Rick Griffin on this obscure Public Access cable surf show.


Coolest World

25 years after his last feature film, Ralph Bakshi, the animator’s animator.


Pepe as a universal symbol for peace, love, and acceptance

Saving Pepe.


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“But the Nazis didn’t think I went far enough”

Ben Garrison, the Alt-Right’s favorite cartoonist.



Michael Dormer and the Legend of Hot Curl.


The Yum Yum Book

Created in 1963 when R. Crumb was nineteen, and published twelve years later in 1975.


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Rest In Pepe

Matt Furie laid his misappropriated character to rest this past Saturday in Fantagraphics’ World’s Greatest Cartoonists issue for Free Comic Book day.


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The Art of Spain Rodriguez


Smirking at the White Box

We Told You So: Comics as Art, an Oral History of Fantagraphics Books.