The Seinfeld Situation


Earlier this month Jerry Seinfeld was supposed to perform his first stand-up show in India. However, before the comedian could even get on a flight, the show was cancelled by police “due to traffic and parking concerns”. In response to the country’s let down, a couple of Indian comedians made the best of a bummer situation.

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“My God’s Full Chill”


Cavemen arguing about religion

John Lennon from Heaven Talking to Paul McCartney About Kanye West


Dana Carvey keeping it relevant after all these years.

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A Look at the Hard Knock Life of New York’s Quirkiest Rapper


SNL’s The Jay Z Story

Corner Boys, Bushwick, Brooklyn 2015


Breakdancing Through Space and Time

Jayson Musson’s new web series, The Adventures of Jamel: The Time Traveling B-Boy, promises to be outstanding.

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Patrice O’Neal performing at Stand UP NY in 2001

Ryan Skullface, Teen Center Concert Promoter


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Dogs So Excited at the Holidays They Explode!

“Ferrari’s a Much More Aggressive Look”


Derek Zoolander, Male Model. From the 1996 VH1 Fashion Awards, this is the comedy sketch that started it all.

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This Is It, a nice funny short by Alexander Engel.

Lunchtime Laughter


Holiday Party Tips with Broad City