you blew it

Well if you were one of the lucky freaky few who lined up today to get the Heath Dead Ledger action figure, your sick

“BATMAN fans have cleaned out New York toy stores’ entire supply of HEATH LEDGER’s JOKER action figure from Mattel, within minutes of them going on sale.

Devotees of the comic book series lined up early to clear shelves of the $9.99 (£5) toy, which shows Ledger in his final completed role before his premature death in January from an accidental drug overdose, aged just 29.

An employee of Times Square’s Toys R Us store says, “There are none left in the warehouse. You will be waiting a while if you want one.” Some fans are believed to be buying up stock, convinced the figure is a collector’s item – others are selling them on auction site eBay for up to $55 (£27.50) each.

Ledger will be seen as The Joker alongside Christian Bale’s Batman in The Dark Knight – which hits movie theatres worldwide from July (08).”

Via Toy News

silver is the new vinyl

TOYGIANTS is far more than just a book about toys and designer vinyl.

The second Silver edition, you can nab your copy with a few extra bonuses! Daniel and Geo teamed up with collector Sleim Varol to cull from his collection of over 10,000 pieces. The cast ranges from more contemporary American comic heroes, manga superstars and designer-vinyl creations to Star Wars heroes, movie characters and political figures. With a playful style towards their subjects, Daniel and Geo have brought a peculiar reality to their fantasy world: Andy Warhol’s famous haircut is trimmed by Edward Scissorhands and close-up portraits of fictional heroes like Batman, Hulk and Rambo sit alongside real life villains such as Hitler and Saddam Hussein. There are also monumental group shots, some of which fold out to be almost a yard wide. Organized by color, these reminiscent of traditional yearbook photographs – but with far more visually enticing alumni.

The second edition of TOYGIANTS is being published as a Silver Edition by Gingko Press. The Silver Edition includes previously unreleased artwork from the TOYGIANTS series, including a removable poster and an exclusive interview with the artists Daniel, Geo, and Sleim. To celebrate the book release, Daniel & Geo Fuchs are presenting in co-operation with artempus con-temporary gallery, Düsseldorf, the exhibition TOYGIANTS at Gingko Press’ own gallery Rebel Arts Gallery in Hamburg. The exhibition goes through July 31st.

Via Worship Worthy

zombie pet dunny

Argentinean illustrator, Patricio Oliver, brings us a ghoul of a Dunny. Zombie Pet.

This GID, undead predator is made of translucent, blue vinyl and printed with glow-in-the-dark bones, for a distinctly ghoulish (but adorable) look. Sold out online only available in the store! Kidrobot

BTW  Super Limited Toy Release and Signing by famed B-Boy and Graffiti writer East3! 118 Prince Street Thursday May 1 6-8pm

Massimo Vignelli’s 2008 Subway Map Update

Updating his iconic NYC Subway Map 36 years later, Massimo Vignelli has incorporated the subway line changes into what can be deemed a collectible art piece.  In an edition of 500 and selling for a modest $299, the mammoth 36″ x 45″ Subway Diagram is available for pre-order exclusively through Men’s Vogue publisher Condé Nast Store.

great olan mills photos

So if you’re from the midwest or the product of the seventies, you may remember these moments. Olan Mills Moments that is. Click here.

indy has real enimies to battle

ss soldier lego

BrickArms Custom Minifig, WW2 German SS Major v2. A midnight-black Lego Minifig with a custom decal printed with full color and metallic silver and gold inks. He comes with:

  • Black Minifig w/custom torso decal
  • Black Cap
  • Silver BrickArms C96 Mauser
  • Silver BrickArms MP40 SMG

Legos, lack  firearms. Luckily, BrickArms is here to fill the void. The online store creates and sells Lego weapons ($1) and custom minifigs ($10-$15). You can get everything from an UZI to an RPG Rocket Grenade, and anyone from Bond to an Arab terrorist. All of the BrickArms toys are designed used professional CAD tools and are made with Lego-approved ABS plastic.

celebrity lunchbox auction


Auctions for a good cause (human welfare & fat pockets alike) are always great. This one especially. This benefit auction for the Food Bank For New York City and The Lunchbox Fund of South Africa is cool because each celeb involved designed their own lunch box. My vote goes for the boxes designed by Natalie Portman, strictly because she touched them and I feel I am better off with anything that gets me closer to her. Yes, slightly creepy. Have look and bid on yours here

via, YBNBY

original fake x arkitip x incase


If you really need an excuse to subscribe to arkitip, here is one. Included in the July 15th release of the magazine is a collaboration between Kaws (original fake) and incase, the result being a sick laptop case(above) which also doubles as the magazines case. Only 1000 of these will be available, by getting a subscription by tommorow you will be guaranteed one. Well worth it.

trading cards


From the creators of Garbage Pail Kids and the Topps company comes Hollywood Zombies. Putting celebrities on playing/trading cards and making fun of them for profit should have happened a long time ago.

way to break up with your girlfriend or get divorced


So you want to end that relationship, or get a divorced or better yet pick up chicks, here’s the perfect opportunity. KITT, the flame-throwing, river-jumping, talking muscle car from the American ’80s TV show “Knight Rider” starring David Hasselhoff, is up for sale.

Restored to its debut-season glory, the modified black 1982 Pontiac Trans Am is offered at $149,995 (



Normally you would buy or steal a can of spraypaint to use, but now Montana has hooked up with five graffiti artists to produce limited edition cans, to collect. Honestly, I don’t even know if these have any paint in them or what colors they come in. What I do know is that the can collaboration with Os Gemeos looks really nice, and at $25 plus shipping they are not badly priced. Buy the cans through Montana’s website, here

GONZ Adidas


We Sold Out has the Adidas “Gonz” Stan Smiths. A must have for the fans of the Gonz.

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