2 wheel obsession

I have been riding my bike a lot these days and am feeling that an upgrade is due. I know there is a trend toward the fixed gear but, this bicycle from Kronan is my new must have. Classic in every aspect of the word, it’s like a sherman tank.

what I didn’t get for x-mas, Carbon Black Special edtion, Aston Martin.

If I could this would be it, a limited edition carbon black Austin Martin.

“Featuring bespoke Carbon Black metallic paint especially formulated with a subtle metallic twist to create a deep rich patina…”

Do you really need to know more. This would also fit well in my black list.


the ultimate guide of 1,000 collectibles


1,000 Collectibles from a Galaxy Far Far Away is written by Lucasfilm employee and master collector Stephen Sansweet. The book is a Star Wars fans wet dream.

Buy it now for $23.10


Minor Threat’s Out of Step Test Pressing Sells for $6000 on ebay


Washington’s City Paper reports:

“Early last October, Jeff ­Nelson—co-founder of Dischord Records and drummer for Minor Threat, the mother of all hardcore bands—placed an autographed test pressing of his old band’s 1983 EP, Out of Step, up for sale on eBay. It was part of a long-term effort to whittle his punk rock archives, which Nelson describes as both “way too big” and “insane.””

More here

(Thanks Rog!)

McDonald’s Halloween Pails


Totally forgot about these!  Wasn’t 1980’s waste amazing?

david weeks gorilla


‘Hanno’ inspired by Kay Bojesen’s iconic teak Monkey from 1951, by David Weeks Studio.


Tuff City Blunt Wraps


It took me a little while to wrap my head around these.  At first I thought the wraps had the trains and graff printed on them.  Then, I slowly came to realize that it was just the packaging that was custom.  Maybe I’ll have to head up to the Bronx and make sure though.  Puff Tuff.

available at Tuff City

rock block


Vintage 1959 Fender Bassman amps up for auction at Christie’s

onitsuka tiger celebrating 60 years

It’s all about the 60’s. China is celebrating 60 years of communism and Onitsuka Tiger is celebrating its 60th anniversary as well. We recently received a copy of Onitsuka Tiger’ 60 year celebration collectors box set, I guess you could call it that. It features this amazing laser cut wrapper, and what looks like a hand bound book celebrating the history of the shoe through its advertising, culture, arts, and lifestyle. This is a huge must for any collector! Here are some of the pages to wet your appetite.

it’s all about the covers


What you need to look forward to is Creative Review‘s October/November issue. Featuring six collectible covers, plus when you flip the issue over their Photography Annual issue. This means an 90 extra pages. More content and more to collect, pick up one or all six.

2010 Burton Catalog – “The Good Book”

By: PeteChicago

Burton 2010 Catalog

Burton 2010 Catalog

Burton Snowboards has released a limited edition book of tasty gear for the upcoming 2009-2010 riding season. It’s got an embossed faux leather cover, gold edge pages, and a red pageholder ribbon. The interior pages are full of solid design work ranging from 1970’s folk art illustrations to style mimics of modern drug ads. If you weren’t lucky enough to receive one in the mail, grab it at one of their flagship stores. [Read more]

The temples of Sickboy


Sickboy will be releasing a limited edition series of Hand-Cast Resin Temples on September 24th.

Find them here

[Read more]