The best compact camera ever?


According to Wired writer Mark McClusky, the new Canon S90 is all that and more.

Two big features he points out are the glass:

“It’s got a 28-105mm equivalent lens, a nice wide angle at the short end, perfect for large group shots and landscapes.”

and the speed of the lens which goes down to f2, that is extremely impressive. I also want to point out it looks nice and compact, easy for the front pocket.

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a special edition


Urban Outfitters has partnered with The Impossible Project to help restart and reinvent instant film photography. The Impossible Project bought all the machinery and equipment at Polaroid’s Dutch factory where the instant films were made. Urban Outfitters is helping them bring it back for 2010.

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Nikon Reveals World’s First Projector Camera


This is really cool. I think about 8 years ago I was at a conference where I saw a projector in a cellphone, it was a prototype but, nevertheless a really cool concept. Check out Nikon‘s Coolpix S1000pj, a camera with a projector.  Here’s the lowdown from Dpreview

“The ground-breaking COOLPIX S1000pj is expected to shake up the compact digital camera market as people begin to see the benefits of sharing and viewing photos and videos using personal projection.”

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free iphone app of the week


Check out this nice little iPhone app. It is a well designed and very cool camera application that allows you to alter your images in multiple ways as well as select from preset filters.  It’s free here

Equally as cool is iphoneography, a website dedicated to reviewing every photo app on the phone. Now maybe you’ll be able to decide which app to finally buy.

Read the full review of Mill’s app on iphonography  here.

3GS mount enhances performance for guerrilla videographers


We all know the iPhone 3gs is all about video. Now. we have gonzo gadgets that will make taking videos easier. At first I thought this was a new game controller, at least now you will not drop the thing when you’re trying to make a short film.


Nikon’s Racist Camera


This is too funny

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Give me a Limited edition M8 Leica


If you’re going to buy a camera, start at the top. The limited edtion Leica M8 in white—it does not get any better than this. “The M8 takes the original iconic Leica Rangefinder body crafted from brass, aluminium, titanium and steel but inserts a 10.3 megapixel digital lens and sensor system that delivers professional quality pictures.”


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