This Piece blew me away


Steve Powers, Detective Movie, 2009

Enamel on aluminium, 61x61cm

From his latest show, Semaphores of the Soul, at A.L.I.C.E.

Go Buy Now: Mark Ryden’s Fur Girl


This new print by Mark Ryden became available this morning. In an edition of 500 and measuring 33″ x 23 1/8″, the lithograph is a copy of a painting of the same name that will debut at Tomio Koyama Gallery in Tokyo, Japan this February.

Available through Porterhouse for $500

Go buy Now: Matt Leines Print


This print is still available from GRSF’s Printed Matter Show.  Matt Leines’ work is dope and this is $100.  If this doesn’t do it for you, maybe something else in the show will.

Go Buy Now: Aurel Schmidt’s Supernatural


Standing 6 feet tall and measuring almost 3 feet in width, Supernatural is one hell of a drawing.  Lucky for us it has been replicated into a print. Having seen it in person, I can tell you that the image above will not do it justice, so it is better just to cough up some cheddar and let this monster adorn an important part of your household.

Available through O.H.W.O.W. here

via, Slamxhype

Go buy Now: Dalek’s Winter 2008 Print


I was at a gallery booth at Scope where they were selling some Dalek originals and prints a couple weeks ago.  They told me Dalek wasn’t making any large edition prints, and that the reason they were pricing the prints like photographs (the more prints sold the higher the price) was due to Supply and Demand.  Well, what the fuck is this print then?  Huh, Gallery? A gorgeous, large edition print by Dalek that will stay the same price (affordable) until they are sold out.  You should buy one, and also I should buy one.

Go buy Now: Cleon Peterson

Available through New Image Art Gallery and Pictures on Walls is The Occupation, a set of four prints by Los Angeles based artist Cleon Peterson.  Signed and numbered in an edition of 140, each 3-color screenprint evokes what I like to think of as Mod terror.  Click for huge

Go Buy Now: Chris Johanson

Included in the WFMU Benefit is this great print by Chris Johanson.

I’m telling you I’ve heard it before and I’ll hear it again (celebration of life through music)

12” x 18” (30.5×45.7 cm)
Edition of 30
Signed and Numbered
Printed by Ocho Loco Press

Price: $300.00

Available here

Robert Williams’ Appetite for Destruction

One of the highlights of the Scope Miami fair is at the booth of Western Canon / Symbolic.  On the booth’s wall hangs a piece of Art and Rock n’ Roll History, Robert Williams’ Appetite For Destruction.  You may remember this as the original cover for Guns ‘n Roses album of the same name but, the painting was executed in 1978, long before the music.  If anyone can afford the $350,000 price tag, they should go ahead and buy this awesome painting. (Click for big) GNR cover after the jump.

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Go buy Now: Swoon

Swoon’s latest print is Alden.  As always, all the money from this print goes to a good cause, so support SWOON’s efforts.  Available here

This print is adapted from a block print of my grandfather, and all of the money from this one will go to rehabbing the church that is being taken over in Braddock, PA. is the project website.

Silk screened with hand cutting, on dyed paper. Stitched to a sewn paper background.

silkscreen print
signed/numbered edition of 55

David Choe gets super colorful

I saw this painting at the Outsiders show a couple months ago and am excited to see it made into a print.  Measuring 33″ x 30″ in an edition of 76, the print will retail at a busty $909.  If you cannot grasp that in the economic climate, click the above for huge and make it into a ‘mini-poster’ or crazzzzzy wallpaper. More info after the jump.

via, David Choe

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New Banksy Print

This will be a pain in the butt to get. Try here

This is the print you missed

Go Buy Now: Evan Hecox

Available for purchase today is a really fresh drawing by Evan Hecox titled Colfax Dumpster.

Colfax Dumpster
Evan Hecox, 2008

21 x 17 In. (53.34 x 43.18 cm)
Ink wash line drawing on paper
Wooden frame, acid-free backing, acrylic glass
Signed on the back of the drawing itself and also on the paper backing of the frame
Back cover image from the publication Evan Hecox Urban Abstract