The Fastest Car On Land That Can Go In Water

The Sea Lion goes 125mph on land and 60mph in water.

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Like A Yacht

A.P.C.’s Leave Me Alone Stone-Washed Boat Sweatshirt.

Available through Oi Polloi

The Seabreacher Y

Killer whale inspired watercraft

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“Hitting bottom never felt so good.”

James Cameron reached the deepest part of the ocean yesterday.

Photograph by Mark Thiessen, National Geographic


Lunchtime Laughter

Dr. Steve Brule on a Boat

The Slow Cargo Movement

New Dawn Traders move goods via a 1907 West Country Trading Ketch named Irene:

“Departing from Plymouth on Valentines day with a cargo of organic beer from Exeter brewery destined for Brest in Brittany. We will then head to Vigo in Spain to fill our hold with fine Olive oil before skirting the Canaries and Cape Verde Islands destined for Rio de Janeiro. We will then travel the coast of Brazil collecting, Cachaca, Cocoa, Coffee, essential oils and super foods from the Amazon.

Finally we will catch the trade wind through the Caribbean collecting rum before setting our sails for Bristol. Hopefully home and dry with our low carbon cargo and a ship full of stories.”

Read more and follow the crew on the blog

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Johan Lindeberg Makes a Good Seafarer

He’s got that wisened Zissou thing down. This random short film from Andre Saraiva should have been called ‘Sexiest Catch.’

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A Compendium of Sailor Tattoos and Their Respective Meanings

Great, informative work from The Scuttlefish and Christina Sun at Bowsprite.

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“It is the sport of the Eurotrashy, Hedge-fundy, Hamptonites; of trendy oligarchs and oiligarchs; and of art dealers with masturbatory levels of self-regard.”

Charles Saatchi on the hideousness of the Art World

waxwork above by Robert McHarg III

The Volvo Ocean Race Starts This Weekend

The great yacht race around the world begins this Saturday with an inport race in Alicante, Spain. After that, the crews set sail for a nine leg race to Galway that will end in July 2012.

More information on the race here, and check out our visit on Puma’s Mar Mostro here

G.I. Joe Vehicles 1983 – 1986

From the impressive collection of Chad Hucal on Yo Joe!

The More You Know: Narco Subs

Smuggling under the sea.

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