We’ll See Who’s Laughing on December 22nd…

A man in China has spent his life savings building this funky ark to ‘escape the impending Mayan apocalypse.’

Here is a Big Ol’ Tanker That Washed Ashore on Staten Island

700 tons

The iYacht

Steve Jobs’ Phillipe Starck designed yacht was unveiled and christened “Venus” yesterday.

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The Quadski

45 mph on both land and water

Chaotic Atmosphere Over the Louis Vuitton Cup

Will Buzzell is showing new work alongside Andrew Jeffrey Wright, and Jesse Harris up in Toronto tonight at the show PERMANENT DEMAND at Cooper Cole.

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Corvette Boat

aka the Stretch-Vet. Made by Maine boatbuilder Stevie Johnson.

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Awesome Dolphins

This guy is going to make a killing if he ever decides to do something with the Go Pro Torpedo he built.

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Live That Landlocked Life

The Barbecue Dining Boat. Max speed is a calm 2 1/2 mph.

Z Boat

A Batman worthy speedboat designed by Zaha Hadid for American art dealer Kenny Schachter.

Rad Mats

SerpentSea uses reclaimed sailing ropes to create unique handwoven mats using knots named “after three of the most infamous pirates from the 17th century.”

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The Hemisphere

The World’s Largest Privately-Owned Catamaran.

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A Great Complement To Your Million Dollar Lake House

The Flying Hovercraft.

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