Learning The International Code of Signals

With the help of “beauties” from early 20th century cigarette cards

That Cuba to North Korea Weapon Connection…


Needs to find a new route as “a North Korea-bound ship carrying ‘weapons of war’ hidden in brown sugar” was raided on its way to the Panama canal.

Now That’s a Superyacht


The sleek new, “fuel efficient” Superyacht Adastra with accommodation capabilities for nine guests and  six crew members.

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Picture of the Day


Paola Pivi

Fishin’ With The Deaner


Dean Ween, a.k.a. Mickey Melchiondo runs a fishing boat charter down off the Jersey Shore. “No bananas onboard the boat.”

Submarine Battle Insignia

Created by Ray Young in 1944 for the last ten submarines built by the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company during World War II. Other insignias were designed by the Walt Disney Company.

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The Craft and Philosophy of Wooden Boat Carpentry

Shaped on all Six Sides

Bottled History

Smith Journal looks at the craft of Ray Gascoigne, who expertly creates ships in bottles.

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Shipping out: on the (nearly lethal) comforts of a luxury cruise by David Foster Wallace

Titanic II


An Australian mining tycoon is building an exact replica of the original Titanic to be sailed on the original route. However by the time the boat launches in 2016, icebergs will be a thing of the past.

Strictly For Decks


The Baker Jacket by Engineered Garments

Question Answered


Why Do the Rich and Famous Always Sunbathe Topless? Because they can.