personal audience

London based artist Chris O’Shea created this amazing installation where everyone has an audience. This is only one of many interesting works he has created.
Audience from Chris O’Shea on Vimeo.

Mommies Little Monsters

I love these scary little animal figures. Silva’s work is amazing. Silva B “Le petit monde 2007 lambskin on synthetic material, human hair,eye lashes, paint, clothing, leather shoes, on painted base. She has an upcoming show 15 November 2008 – 11 January 2009 at GEM, Museum of contemporary art, The Hague.

mickey and woody

Not sure who actually made the work. If you know let us know. We found it here

master of puppets

I love these dolls Very “City of Lost Children”.  Brooklyn Designer Kristen Victoria Barron‘s Porcelain faced marionettes. Available at Future Perfect.

KAWS creates bronze idol worship

This is a dub rendition of the copyrighted image of the Bronze Kaws figurehead, the piece that separates the real, devoted Kaws collector from that of one who just liked the toy sculptures.

Untitled (Self Portrait), 2008
bronze (painted)
11 x 6 1/4 x 9 1/2 inches
Series of 33 unique colors


via, TAC

new meaning to dumpster diving

Michel de Broin’s Dumpster Hot Tub.


them bones

Check out Jud Tuner‘s Bio Cycle.


Check out New York Artist CAL LANE‘s engraved oil barrels. The work is amazing, detailed, and delicately intricate.

El Tono & Momo: PLAF – Autonomous Mechanisms

First of all. BIG UPS TO MY FRIEND JOSEPH AND HIS BIZ PARTNER ELURA for getting Anonymous Gallery off of the ground and into our lives!

Now, to the good stuff.

Eltono and MOMO are installing kinetic sculpture in New York waterways. Maps are provided at the gallery and the public is encouraged to discover all of the new work.

Throughout the month of September, Eltono and MOMO will also be constructing an indoor exhibition that reflects the work and progress outdoors. While their project is primarily ephemeral, the indoor exhibition will serve to document and preserve their research, ideas, model making and related art. Every three to five days Eltono and MOMO will install new work that includes silkscreen prints, video, collage, painting, and sculpture. The on-going exhibition, along with the map and information will be available to the public from September 1st until October 10th and will be celebrated with a public exhibition opening on September 25th from 6-9pm.

More information here


Check out Italian Artist Esther Stocker’s ‘Geometrifying’ installations with patterns in reduced black and white.

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this year in street art


Just in case you missed this on Wooster Collective, check out this sculpture of a white bear by Joshua Allen Harris. His work captures lost energy from a New York subway grate, alternating between roadkill and resurrection. It proves simple ideas can have a huge impact.