Go Buy Now: Tiffany Bozic’s The Raft


We’ve always been huge on Tiffany Bozic’s work. So when we got word from Josh Liner about this new edition she released with him, we had to tell you. Closer details after the jump.  Buy it here

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zebra’s and action figures rock


Check out Message FUFU LIP NINJAS work here

new Prints by WK Interact


In alignment with his upcoming show this week at Jonathan Levine, WK Interact has released three new prints through the gallery.  Each a different price and size, the prints are a nice alternative if you cannot afford his original work.

More info here

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Catch a break


Honestly, we had forgotten that 20 x 200 even existed.  This print by Chris Ballantyne, Untitled, Tidal Bore (Surfer), helped put the online shop back on our radar.

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Alva Frontside


Shepard Fairey’s latest print release was adapted from a great photo of Tony Alva by Wynn Miller.  Originally released in a small quantity at the opening of The Detournements of Wynn Miller, the print comes in two colorways (yellow after the jump) each in an edition of 250. The $80 price tag takes into consideration that it was signed by all three.  Available randomly today (6/23)

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New Prints by Faile


Falling For Faile
Varied-Edition Print of 20
Acrylic and Silkscreen Ink
Lenox 100 Paper
25 x 38 Inches
Signed, Stamped and Numbered. 2009

As always, these prints are super fresh and ultra-limited.  $2800 $2300 a piece and sure to keep your eyes happy.  There are originals and bronze works as well.

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Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Duality of Humanity 5


This is a good looking print.  The fifth in the Duality of Humanity series and fourth in collaboration with Al Rockoff, DOH 5 is in an edition 0f 450 and will retail at $50 at some time today (6/16).

Shepard Fairey’s Soupcan II


We don’t call this Shepard Fairey Tuesday for nothing.  Along with the news of Shepard moving to Deitch Projects, and the print with Martha Cooper, comes word from Iconoclast about this Soup Can print above.  Soup Can II is the second in a series of four Soup Cans they will release with Shepard Fairey.  Measuring 16″ x 20″ in an edition of 200, the Hand printed silkscreen will obviously become a collectors item at retail price of $350, now $450 (looks like they’re pricing them like photographs).

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Shepard Fairey x Martha Cooper: Defiant Youth


Available at some point today is a new collaborative print between Shepard Fairey and Martha Cooper titled Defiant Youth.  The print comes in an Edition of 450, measures 18″ x 24″, is Signed and Numbered, and will cost $55 (for a brief moment in time). What a great year for Martha Cooper!

New Prints from Cleon Peterson


BLK/MRKT Editions just released a diptych by Cleon Peterson titled Passions.  The 3 color screenprint on cotton rag paper is in an edition of 90 and measures 18″ x 18″.  The cost of owning these vibrant works?  $140.  Not.  Too. Bad.

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Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Johnny Cash


Available today at a random moment in time is Shepard Fairey’s latest print featuring what will presumably be  the cover of Antonino D’Ambrosio’s latest book (or promotional material for such), A Heartbeat and a Guitar: Johnny Cash and the Making of Bitter Tears. It looks pretty cool and comes signed and numbered in an edition of 450, and will for a very short time retail at $50.

Go Buy Now: Marci Washington’s Tiny Showcase Print


We kind of have a thing for Marci Washington, maybe after seeing this print you will too.  Available for $20 through Tiny Showcase, this print is worth every cent.  There are only about 30 left from the edition of 100, so act soon!

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(thanks Liam!)