shepard fairey tuesday


While there is a print being released today on Obey Giant, it was not created by Shepard, just overseen by him. Instead we bring to light some of our favorite Andre the Giant has a Posse tributes, more to be seen here

The Rorschach test


Opening Thursday for one night only at The Shooting Gallery in San Francisco is “The Rorschach Test” – by Kevin E Taylor

All works are drawings and paintings on vintage Chinese flash cards/ framed and matted $100 each + shipping

the want 2b square show


This Friday for one night only, for your entertainment is “The Want 2B Square Show” which bills itself as “an interactive exhibit of box inspired art and media.” Everything is for sale, the bar is open, there are dj’s, and you can meet the artists. Featuring Dalek, Kelsey Brookes, Maya Hayuk, Matzu MTP and more. Info here

wu-tang clan x David choe


Yes, you read that correctly. David Choe is illustrating a new Wu-Tang Clan comic, no details as of yet, but telling from the cover image above it is bound to be promising.

tiny street art project


Little people – a tiny street art project is exactly what its title states “Little handpainted people, left in London to tend for themselves.” The idea is genius and the execution just as much. If you would like prints of these you can find them here. via, wooster collective

banksy print release


Well if you are quick to the game in about 10 minutes, you too have a chance to buy a print by banksy.

Siamese Twin


Upper Playground, Fifty24SF and Ningyoushi, presents a new mini figures series, GET SMALL San Francisco. GET SMALL San Francisco features four recognized San Francisco street and fine art artists, Jeremy Fish, Sam Flores, Coro, and David Choe.

3 inches tall

David Choe was born 1976, in Los Angeles. Today, he is currently homeless, wandering the Earth, making good and bad music. His favorite places are Vietnam, Israel, NYC, and the Bay Area. Even though he dropped out of art school, he still gets asked to speak at universities all the time. He works in all mediums. He can paint, anything and everything, as well as on anything and everything. He has won lots of awards and his work can be found in almost every facet of society, from comics, murals, toys, prints, movies, music, magazines, books, t-shirts, commercials, posters, shoes, fine art, live demos etc. He says he wants to retire early, illustrate the entire bible and paint the entire Great Wall of China. But who knows anything with this guy.

shepard fairey tuesday


Releasing today over at Obey Giant is a print titled “War by Numbers”, the name taken from a painting that Shepard created for the Charity-By-Numbers Show this past February. My guess is that this print will be gone in under a minute, so look for it on ebay starting wednesday.

rolling on the river


Opening Thursday in glorious Bushwick, Rolling on the River is an art exhibit to benefit the Miss Rockaway Armada and get Swoon’s boat back floating on the Mississippi. Artist’s include Swoon, Elbow Toe, David Ellis and Dennis Mcnett. The show runs through April 1st so be quick.

untitled show


Opening April 12th at the Eye Jammie Fine Arts Gallery, the Untitled Show brings together a mass of creative people. Each one was given a blank skate deck, to do what they saw fit with. Exciting names included are Cycle, Mike Giant, Steve Powers, Shepard Fairey, Ghost, and Chris Yormick. Be sure to make it there if you are in NYC

Art seeing this weekend


The works of Devorah Sperber, recreates the classics at the Brooklyn Museum,”The eye of the artist”(through May 6).

“After The Mona Lisa” 4 is a life-sized rendering of da Vinci’s Mona Lisa (measuring 41″h x 31″w including the frame). It is constructed from 875 spools of thread so the image resolution is very low. Yet when seen through a viewing sphere, the thread spools condense into a recognizable image, conveying how little information the brain needs to make sense of visual imagery it has already been exposed to.

At first glance, the thread spool installation appears to be a random arrangement of spools of thread. A clear acrylic sphere placed in front of the work, shrinks and condenses the thread spool “pixels” into a recognizable image while also rotating the imagery 180 degrees like the human eye. This shift in perception functions as a dramatic mechanism to present the idea that there is no one truth or reality, emphasizing subjective reality vs. an absolute truth. For more information on Devorah check out the site,

Dalek Interview


Old Takashi Murakami apprentice and all around rad guy Dalek, has a nice interview over at Fecal Face. His solo exhibit “Desperate, Rejected & Angry” opens at Jonathan Levine Gallery on March 31st.