Interactive Starry Night

One Hundred and Eight by Nils Völker

One Hundred and Eight is an interactive installation created by Nils Völker where garbage bags are selectively inflated and deflated by two cooling fans.

“One program is running on an Arduino mounted to the lower side taking control of a set of shift registers that trigger the relays individually. A camera is mounted to the ceiling above and connected to a computer on which a second program (Processing) is running. The program registers and tracks movement via the camera and sends the necessary information via a serial connection to the microcontroller.”

Learn more about the project here

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umbilical iPhone Charger, cause you need one


Interactive media artist Mio I-zawa created this one of kind Umbilical iPhone charger that comes to life when you connect your phone.

Create Your Own 17th Century Still life with the help of John Baldessari

I made a lobster-mouthed sailor.

Have fun here

Write The Headline


Close to half the size of a Soccer Field, Nike’s latest installation integrates users in a giant way.  Write The Headline is a way for fans worldwide to send motivational messages to their favorite (Nike-Sponsored) Soccer Players via Twitter (#nikefuture), Facebook, Mxit (South Africa) and QQ (China).  Selected messages will be displayed between 6pm and 6am on the Life Center, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

After the jump is a look at how the data flow is handled as well as some shots of the installation.

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A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter (2009)

A piece of art that sells itself on ebay every 7 days.

Title: A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter
Year: 2009
Artist: Caleb Larsen
Dimensions: 8″x8″x8″
Medium: Acrylic, custom electronics, programming, internet connection, online auction.
Description: This object perpetually attempts to sell itself on eBay.

view the lot here (You have to read the terms and conditions after the jump)

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David Ellis’ Heap of Trash Sound Sculpture

I meant to shoot a video of this at our buddy Joseph‘s booth but, I was pretty hungover when the idea happened.  This sculpture is bananas and if I remember correctly, Charles Saatchi copped it.


SpY creates Hell


I’m totally into what SpY, the Madrid-based urban interventionist is doing.

See it big at ekosystem

James Patterson’s world


Here is a perfect example of why we love flash. James Patterson is nyc-based artist who currently has a show at BitForms. He has reminded us why flash is more than just flash. Users can interact with this amazing visceral world of sound color and creatures. There are a few more screens after the jump but, to really understand it check it out here or head over to Bitforms.

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