Monica Canilao at Cinders

Our girl Alix sent this our way.
A friend that accompanied me to Monica Canilao’s opening at Cinders last Friday said it perfectly when he spotted the artist walking in: she looks part wood nymph, part crust punk, part native American princess from the past and the artwork she had on display breathes the same kind of air. Combining delicate small-scale paintings and drawings and sculptures made from found objects like wood, swatches of antiqued lace, time worn glass bottles, burnt paper and colorful hookah hose attachments, Canilao transformed the diminutive Williamsburg gallery into a treasure hut resembling something you’d encounter stepping into a time machine and zipping back to the pioneer ages. The show is up until the end of the month.

Installation View: HuskMitNavn & Lydia Fong at Alice

photos courtesy of Alice