Lunchtime Laughter


The Daily Hitler

The Daily Hitler animates Addy in ways I have never imagined.

Mark Ryden & Marion Peck’s Sweet Wishes Video


Seriously, this is one of the creepiest friggin videos I have ever seen. WTF? Really? Great work.

There is also a book which you can read about on Supertouch

To each his own

via, hurtyoubad

My Favorite Page on the Internet as of today

Todd James (Reas) created an animated page that I can watch for hours.

Click here to see it in motion

Lunchtime Laughter


Morning Dose of Awesome


Lunchtime Laughter


Lunchtime Laughter

Lunchtime Laughter

Blu my mind

Just knowing that this is hand painted illegally on the streets of Buenos Aires and Baden makes it even that much better!

via, Wooster Collective

lunchtime laughter


Gilbert Grape on American Dad performed by squirrels.