disney meets star wars


There were a lot of rumors about Star Wars filming in secret in LA. Luckily, it’s not a “new” version of Phantom Menace but an update to the Star Wars Star Tours Experience at Disney. I am not sure how good the experience will be but, the posters are pretty cool. See more of them here.

wolf and pork stop motion


This has to be one of the best stop motions out there. Enjoy

what are they selling?


“Fake T*ts Used To Sell Bullsh*t Product.”…Copyranter sent us this little gem, fake breasts selling firming cream. Check out the wedding shot and his world sexiest ad tour here.(NSFW)

the best copy ever


via copyranter

deutsch is not your normal lifestyle magazine


If you’re traveling (or in public for that matter) this is probably not a good magazine to have. German Lifestyle magazine Deutsch believes German Shepherds are sexually fashionable. I know Germany is known for experimentation, but a lifestyle magazine? What kind of lifestyle are you referring to?

Via Copyranter.

sony’s piece of shit

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn’t Fucking Work
This is by far the funniest shit ever! Damn the Onion is good.

shake it Vs. The Fall guy


Last Friday we were sitting around watching Youtube video’s and drinking some wine. Maybe it was the wine or a stroke of genius. We were inspired to mash up this youtube video with one of our favorite tv theme songs.

If you have any suggestions of other songs that might work please post in the comments. Enjoy.

Check out the original video after the jump

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mmmmmm catch of the day


Surfrider Foundation teamed up with Saatchi & Saatchi to help bring awareness to pollution in the ocean.

Annie from Provisions Learning Project writes:

In their continuing efforts to battle the ever growing mounds of garbage polluting our oceans and coastlines, Surfrider Foundation joined forces with Saatchi & Saatchi LA to sponsor the aptly titled Catch of the Day guerrilla ad campaign. Trash was collected from beaches across the US, then sorted, packaged like seafood, and strategically placed around local farmers’ markets. Directly targeting seafood consumers, this creative campaign draws attention to the gross debris littering our oceans and highlights how this pollution affects the consumer directly through the food they eat. Even if you’re not partial to seafood, its hard to miss the message!

It’s eco-guilt meets the Barbie Liberation Organization!

do you need a new job?


This was one of my favorite ads from last night’s Superbowl. Career Builders, “Do you need a new job…” This is the only ad that really stuck out to me, they actually punch small animals! If there are others that you all dug, please let us know.



A Dutch S & M magazine enlisted the help of an Ad Agency for a really creative execution.  I wonder if I could enlist an agency to create a four-finger ring that read ‘idiot’ and then get them to punch a bunch of people in the forehead?

More at Copyranter

Adidas is 60


This is a really great ad. I wonder if it really was this fun? Adidas is the shit, and any party that has RUN DMC playing has to be good. Thanks Limited Hype for the knowledge.

Bacon the hot accessory


It doesn’t get any better than this.  There were a lot of stories about bacon in ’08, this one we missed. Need a side of bacon on your website? Just type it at the end of http://bacolicio.us/

for example: http://bacolicio.us/http://www.diet.com/