The Hedonic Treadmill


The infinite pursuit of happiness through acquisition.

It’s The Least I Can Do


An ongoing annual series of collected sayings, advice and, quotes conceived by the artist Norberto Rodriguez.

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“Ain’t no hustle where I live.”

Frank Zappa on Los Angeles, and fads in America.

“When In Doubt, Always Pull Out The Simpsons voices”

Hank Azaria doles out advice to Tufts University graduates.

“I am cinema.”

Martin Scorcese on becoming the film you’re making.

Doing a lot with a little

That Geodesic Life with Buckminster Fuller.

Juan F. Thompson


The son of Gonzo talks about growing up to not be like Dad.

Preparing for the Worst

Alain de Botton and The Wisdom of Pessimism.

“It’s like transmutation.”


Douglas Coupland on why he loves shopping.

“I like the way stores work so hard to earn your enthusiasm. Stores are so well thought out and make your head feel shiny and new, and then you get home and your house is a mess and you think to yourself, well, at least stores have their shit together.”

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“Im Driven To Black & White Because of My Vessel”

Mike Giant talks art and color blindness in the opening episode of the new season of The Creative Lives.

Deep Thoughts and Smoking in the Crumbling Mushroom Kingdom


Experience Super Mario Bros. as only a depressed Luigi can.

The Art of First Impressions… in Design and Life

Chip Kidd gets to the point

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