Gunning For Robinham


Scientists have recently published a study that used geographic profiling data to determine the true identity of Banksy.

Space, Travel


“Visions of the Future” from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.



Meet Alex, the first Atlantic hurricane to form in January since 1938.

Squeezing Balls For Creativity


Apparently this works.

Paleolithic Landscapes


A 13,800-year-old slab of rock found in an archaeological site in Spain has engravings that are thought to be some of the earliest depictions of a hunter-gatherer campsite.

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Supreme Mathematics


Dr Opeyemi Enoch, a professor at Nigeria’s Federal University of Oye Ekiti has solved the 156-year-old Riemann Hypothesis.

The Ancient World’s So Hot Right Now


“Thermal anomalies” have been discovered within the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Beyond Stonehenge


Advancements in ground-penetrating radar have opened up a world much older and larger than the stone circle.

Shrink Shrunk Shrank

How stress affects your brain

Ancient Earth Plans in Kazakhstan


Thanks to space-age technology, previously unknown earth manipulations dating back to 8000 B.C. have been discovered in the Turgai region of northern Kazakhstan.

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Red Planet, Now Wet Planet


NASA has found evidence that liquid water exists on Mars.

5 feet tall with a brain the size of an orange


Introducing Homo Naledi, the newest member to humanity’s family tree.

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