Dragon Blood

Way better than Neosporin.


Just Ice

It’s iceberg season in Newfoundland.


River Piracy

When one river captures and diverts the flow of another.


Plants Booming in the Carbon Bubble

As modern industry presses on, the green parts of the earth have been getting greener.


Snake Throat

Deforestation forced a 23-foot-long python to seek alternative food sources and swallow an Indonesian farmer whole.


Earth Rights

New Zealand grants legal human status to the Whanganui River.


Death Zone

In this new body of work, Michael Kagan paints 14 of the world’s deadliest mountain peaks.

On view at Joshua Liner Gallery through March 11th.

Freeze The Ice

The $500 billion plan to keep the Arctic from melting.


Under The Sea (Remix)

Toxic levels of pollution have been found deep in the Mariana Trench, the most remote and inaccessible place on the planet.


America For Sale

As if this sacred earth needs any more stress, those rulers of ours are now planning to transfer the financial burden of 640 million acres of federal land back to the states, almost ensuring their sale to the highest bidder. NATURAL RESOURCES, BABY!


Meatscape by Nicolas Lampert

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Groundwater Hydrology

The latest trend in California drought survival? Flood the fields and let gravity do its work.

Imagine the Sound

Rest in Peace to an iconic drive-thru Sequoia tree, Pioneer Cabin, which fell on Sunday as Pineapple Express storms continue to batter California.

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