Ten Questions with Randy Krallman


Ten Questions with Randy Krallman, Director, Age 37.

So you just had two ads in the superbowl where do you go now?

I’m considering going to the bodega to get some almonds and ginger ale. Other than that, no firm plans.

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China Vagina

After you’ve cleaned your plate, you’ll be ready for dessert.

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do you feel lucky?

News.com.au has compiled a list…How to tell if a woman is up for a one-night stand.


But how can a man walk into a pub or a nightclub and know instantly which women offer him a good chance of shooting the yogurt gun that night? There are a myriad of urban myths relating to this sort of thing:

1. she starts playing with her hair while you’re talking to her

2. she smiles at you from across the room

3. she laughs really, really loudly at your jokes

4. (a) she takes hold of your forearm as if to steady herself (while laughing)

4. (b) she doesn’t let go of your forearm for several second, but lingers there and applies a subtle pressure

5. she comes up to you and initiates a conversation

6. she follows you into the male toilets

7. (a) she tells you the last time she had sex

6. (b) it was more than six months ago.


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Giant Squid Sex

I never really thought about it.

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best porta potty ever.

sebach-porta-potties.jpgSebach Potties, take a shit in a masterpiece.Via, eternallycool

economically depressing days ahead


Ignorance was bliss. Now that I am paying attention, all of this impending financial doom is depressing me.

Investment Bank views on 2008

Economic fear in the UK

The Art Market in 2008

Photo by Mike Brodie

the other end to williamsburg

I just saw this ad in this weeks Village Voice. A full page spot that promotes the rest of Williamsburg, aka the shop’s that would have/used to be on Bedford but now they have been driven out by the high rents an Pan Asian restaurants. It may not apply for all the listings in this ad, but I can say it happened to one for sure! Anyway, if you ever wondered what’s what in the great frontier surrounding Bedford check out the ad, and check out Grand St. Click on image for a larger view.

pipe dream


The idea of sleeping in a pipe might not immediately connote luxury in your mind, this hotel design turns concrete pipes into quite the comfortable space for your next overnight stay. The DasParkHotel is a series of individual hotel room pipes, set on a beautiful flora-filled backdrop just steps from the Danube River.

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