The Highfliers: Ryan McGinley for the NY Times

This photo essay of Winter Olympians by Ryan McGinley is beautiful. You may also remember he shot Olympic Swimmers for the NY Times back in 2004 (After the jump)

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A bunch of New York Hardcore Fliers

See them here.

flier for race


I have no clue what this is, but the flier is dope. via razor apple

The 2017 Gift Guide


Can’t-miss presents for the Holiday season.


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20 Small Posters with Big Thoughts

Finally, Nathaniel Russell’s fliers in a frame-ready collection.


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Whatever It Takes


Flier by Nathaniel Russell.

Back When You Had to Leave Your Home to See Things


A selection of handbills from Johan Kugelberg’s Punk and Hardcore Fliers, Zines and Ephemera show at Printed Matter.

Most of these rare cultural artifacts are available to purchase here.

Art Across America


Notable openings in New York and Los Angeles.

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Linked Out (Special Christmas Day Edition)


Every week Chris Black uses his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things that you’re bound to find interesting


The Art of Turning Around an Airplane

In Conversation With Brian Eno

We Now Live in a Post-Hoax World

Must I Pretend to Like My Artist Friend’s Work?

The Death of an Elegant, Elitist French Pimp

Our culture loves music. Too bad our economy doesn’t value it

The rise and fall of the Jewish deli

KDOC-TV Los Angeles’s Request Video with Gia DeSantis was the precursor to MTV’s Total Request Live

The Neuroscience Of Musical Perception

Help, I’m Addicted to Frequent-Flier Miles

You Should Watch The Way You Punctuate Your Text Messages

My Misspent Youth (1999)

Why Do Doctors Still Carry Pagers?

Tales from Open Kitchens

The Life Cycle Of A Pop Song

The Man Who Blurbed Too Much?

A President Should Be Able to Hold It

Would a Potato Chip Lover Tire of Eating Only Chips?

Watch Patti Smith give a motivational speech on Japanese TV (1978)

What Does the First Movie Action Hero Say About the Heroes of Today?

Art Addict: The Insatiable Appetite of Peggy Guggenheim

The Financial Benefits of Buying What You Love

Our Misplaced Nostalgia for Cassette Tapes


— Chris Black / @donetodeath

All Types of Characters


We’re pleased to announce a new group show that we’ve organized at Joshua Liner Gallery. Opening June 18th and on display until July 11th, 2015, All Types of Characters is an exhibition of work that focuses on figures of the artist’s imagination. 

Featuring: Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Andy Jenkins, Andy Rementer, Bill Plympton, Caleb Neelon, Chris Lux, Chris DAZE Ellis, Chris Pape, Christian Rex van Minnen, Frohawk Two Feathers, Hiro Kurata, HuskMitNavn, Jaimie Warren, Jason Jägel, Jay Howell, Jeanette Hayes, Jim Houser, Luke Pelletier, Mark Mulroney, Mark Thomas Gibson, Matt Leines, Mel Kadel, Michael Alvarez, Michael Gaughan, Mr. Kiji, Othelo Gervacio, Raina Hamner, Richard Colman, STEEL, Steve Nazar, SUB, Taylor McKimens, Thom Lessner, Timothy Uriah Steele, and Winnie Truong.

Signs of Mischief

Roger Gastman is a great collector of things. Weird classifieds, rare graffiti propaganda, children’s toys, vintage spraypaint, art by serial killers… he’s got it all and more. For TOOLS OF CRIMINAL MISCHIEF, his most recent show which opens tonight at The Seventh Letter Flagship Store and Gallery in LA, Roger has placed on display a robust selection of these artifacts for viewing and consumption. Since his instagram is about the only way we can observe Roger’s daily collectings, we pulled images of some of our favorite digital ephemera, and asked Roger to explain. What follows is the result of our online conversation also known as “explain this picture.”

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Art Shows This Weekend


A quick flyer party

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