Greetings in Math


The Parallelogram doormat by ArtLebedev

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temperature level’s ok

Art. Lebedev have done it again with this nice little cup that displays the temperature of its contents via a recognizable icon, the battery level indicator.

A few other favorites from Art. Lebedev can be seen here.

Segmentus clock

The Segementus Clock created by Art. Lebedev Studio is still in concept and we can only hope that it gets made. The idea was to create a clock with hands that form together representing what you see on a digital display.  To see the clock in action and to learn more on the process, click here.

Take a quick look at a few other favorites from the Russian crew that we have featured previously.

f@ck who

At least that is what Gizmodo thinks. Fuck the Rain Umbrella, by Artemy Lebedev, our favorite Russian designer. Fuck the rain, or fuck the Google satellites. I guess it’s telling someone to Fuck off. Buy it now

ultimate door chain

Your take out might be a bit cold by the time you get this thing off. From our favorite Russian designers.

dos boot


Our favorite Russian design house, Artlebedev, has another geeky find. The Dosugus cushion looks like a black screen and has good old DOS directories embroidered on it. It will cost you about $30 plus S&H.

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name for a keyboard


Our Favorite Russian design house Lebedev and company have finally settled on a launch date and price for the king of keyboard, the Optimus Maximus. Hold your breath, for $1536 US.

piggy bank




Superbitus is a one-piece bomb-shaped ceramic money box. Supplied with a white marker to write the purpose of savings. Designed by: Art. Lebedev Studio. A privately held company founded in 1995. It is the largest design company in today