Mate Deprivation

When a monkey gets caught doing a deer due to horniness.

Make America Gorge Again

Taco Bell with the Fried Chicken Shell.

Street Art Rarities

Paddle 8’s current ‘Street Art’ auction has a few gems.

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Praying for Y2K


Golden Showers for the Golden Boy

What a crazy world we live in today.

Bye Bye Budda

Jeff Sessions’ Coming War on Legal Marijuana.

“What we got from Baldessari is a Baldessari”

BMW art car #19

Modern Narchitecture

Pablo Escobar’s son is now an architect who knows how to build a panic room.

Trying to Get The Ball(point) Rolling

Apparently, for all of its manufacturing hubris, China has been unable to make a precision ballpoint pen.

Primary Travel

The Patagonia Arbor Duffel Bag gets done up with a 90s color block.

Psyche in Space

As wide as Massachusetts and possibly more metal than Megadeth. That’s “Psyche”, an asteroid floating way out in that infinite solar system of ours that NASA plans on visiting during the 2020’s in what could be the most metal space journey ever.

Minimalism in an Age of Excess

A fashion writer reduces his clothing stockpile to identify its core.