Man Mound


Dating back to the late Woodland period of North American pre-Columbian culture, Man Mound is a “prehistoric humanoid earthwork” measuring 214 feet by 48 feet. Located in Wisconsin, the giant effigy is one of 10 new National Historic Landmarks.

A Smokin’ Comeback

Dave Chappelle x SNL

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Linked Out


Every week Chris Black uses his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things that you’re bound to find interesting


Movies Aren’t Dead, but They’ll Never Be the Same

The Making of a New York Times Magazine Cover

Why Do We Care What’s in Your Bag?

A Love Letter to Drinking in Bars

The New Relationship Between Pop Culture & The White House

A Journey Through What’s Left of Tinseltown

The Chopped Cheese’s Sharp Rise to Fame

In Japan, Tapping the World’s Best Vintage

Bottoming out with Joan Rivers

Pushing That Crosswalk Button May Make You Feel Better, but…

The City That Was Saved by the Internet

Adult Rappers

The Slow, Painful Death of the Workplace Sitcom

Social Media’s Dial-Up Ancestor: The Bulletin Board System

Vine Dries Up. Black Humor Loses a Home

The reigning absurdity in the digital news economy

Is There an Uncanny Valley for Emoji?


— Chris Black / @donetodeath

Friday’s Vault

Daewon Song in World Industries’ New World Order, 1993

Hype Court


KAWS lends contemporary aesthetics to the asphalt of Nike’s Stanton Street Basketball Courts in New York City.

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Angry Dad Syndrome


A poignant piece by Brendan Donnelly.

Currently on view in “Anxiety”, a group show at HVW8 in Los Angeles.

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Race Through Snake Valley

Choice of an Older Generation

Functional ceramics by John de Fazio.

Melon Man


Jay Howell gets juicy.

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What a Time to Be Alive.


Wisdom From the Dalai Lama


Internetzzzz by Brown Cardigan: RIP Vine edition


Because now every day is like Monday* on the world wide web.


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Line of the Times


The Voter Suppression Trail.