Artist Eats: Stefan Marx

For this installment of “Artist Eats,” we asked Stefan Marx to share his favorite place to eat. Stefan is an artist and illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany, who is known for his playful line drawings and fantastic zines. Continue reading for his answer.

“My favorite place to eat during daytime is a little Italian place in Hamburg called Supermercato Italianio, run by a lovely couple, family Greco,” Stefan says. “My studio is close, so sometimes I go there every day with friends or alone. The last couple of years I always ordered the Pasta Verdura lunch, but one year ago I switched to Nocchi 4 Cheese, the best Nocchi in a super great tomato sauce. Sometimes after, I share a tiramisu with friends. If you go there for breakfast, the best coffee is waiting for you; get a toasted sandwich too. I can’t tell you how much I love this place.”
Super Mercato Italiano
Schulterblatt 82
20357 Hamburg
Portrait by Michael Lang; restaurant photo from here; Artist Eats logo made by Taylor McKimens.

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