Introducing Kathleen Sorbara


Photographed by Jonathan Leder for our new Introductions column.

{note: boobs}

Name: Kathleen Sorbara

Age: 19

Hometown: Naples, FL

Agency: Wilhelmina NY

Favorite Body Part: My belly button

Best Meal: Breakfast

Preferred Drink: Bloody Mary

Dream Vacation: Tulum

Sunday routine: Waking up late, walking through the farmers market, going to brunch at five leaves 🙂

Best Pick-up Line: Any of them, as long as they’re being used with irony.

Ideal date: A good emotional connection and a lot of laughter. doesn’t matter where.

Favorite artist: I’ve always loved Andy Warhol since I was younger. My dad is from Pittsburgh so whenever we visited we’d check out Andy’s museum there.

Most played song on iTunes: Take Care by Beach House

Guilty Pleasure: Social media. and cookies.

Turn-ons: Quirkiness, charisma, a good sense of humor, a big butt.

Turn-Offs: Stupidity, mind games, closed-mindedness, egos.

If you saw an alien, what would you do? Try to make friends with him…duh


Jonathan Leder is a New York based filmmaker and photographer known for his portraits of women, which capture the innate elegance of the female form. He has shot recent commercials for Adidas and Louis Vuitton, among other campaigns, and helmed the music video for Is Tropical’s “Lies.” He is the former publisher and Creative Director of Jacques Magazine.  Mr. Leder is currently working on his first feature-length directorial debut, American Ecstasy and has a new publication, Fetishisms Manifesto, coming out this month.

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