The World’s Best Ever in Miami


20+ art world insiders tell us their favorite places to eat, drink & hangout in the 305.

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The Wynwood Walls

HOW & NOSM’s favorite place in Miami. The twins also like Chris Nunez’s Handcrafted Tattoo. “We will have three different sizes of mono prints at the Pace Prints booth at the main fair Art Basel Miami,” says HOW, “which will be a preview to our upcoming show in spring with Pace Prints in New York.”

1111 Lincoln Road

Sarah of Colette‘s favorite place in Miami. During Basel, Colette will have an art drive-through with local shop Alchemist on the 5th floThe Wynwood Wallsor of the Herzog & de Meuron building. Colette is also hosting a pool party on Wednesday at the Mondrian, and a BBQ party on Sunday at The Standard. “Come and Enjoy,” she says.


Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

REVOK‘s favorite place in Miami. REVOK will be showing his work at CONTEXT, booth E2. You won’t want to miss his new collaboration with RIME.

Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop

Chuck Webster‘s favorite place in Miami. “This is my go-to spot for Cuban food,” Chuck says. “My friend George Sanchez took me there a few years ago and I was instantly hooked. Being a regular, he was greeted like a sibling. I instantly felt the same. They have nothing over 10 bucks, and the food is amazing. Besides the amazing Cubano Sandwich, there are all kinds of classic Cuban dishes, like this miracle called vaca frita, where flank steak is roasted, shredded and then fried. There is a beans-and-rice combo stewed with pork fat that made me sigh with pleasure. There’s different specials every day, and a crisp salad with every platter. And best of all, you feel like you are Louis CK during his trip to Miami partying with your instant new family. A wonderful place.” Chuck will have a large new painting at Steven Zevitas Gallery, and work up at ZieherSmith at Miami Project.

Enriqueta’s is also Aaron De La Cruz‘s favorite place in Miami. “It’s my go-to spot!” Aaron says. Aaron is participating in the group exhibition Most Oddinism, presented by Topsafe London.


La Sandwicherie

Matt Mignanelli‘s favorite place in Miami. “La Sandwicherie is a South Beach classic, and Miami staple since the late 1980s,” Matt says. “The sandwiches are special, and don’t skip the vinaigrette. It’s a must when in Miami, and since it’s open 22 hours a day, there’s no excuse.” Matt will be exhibiting with Richard Heller Gallery at Miami Project.

Miami Beach

Patrick Martinez‘s favorite place in Miami. “My favorite place during Art Basel is the beach,” Patrick says. “There are so many satellite shows and art shows during Basel sometimes it’s overload. The beach is a great balance to all the events at Basel.” Patrick is participating in the group exhibition Most Oddinism, presented by Topsafe London.

Club Madonna

Ryan McGinness‘ favorite place in Miami. “I am doing a party in Miami to celebrate a new book,” Ryan says. His party will be at The Standard Spa on December 6.

Tap Tap

Kathy Grayson‘s favorite place in Miami. Her gallery, The Hole, will be having their yearly opening-night party at the Shore Club, and exhibiting at NADA, booth 309J.


Andrew Schoultz‘s favorite place in Miami. “I am no Miami guy or anything, but in 2011, I really loved this place called Gigi’s on North Miami Avenue near Wynwood and the design district,” Andrew says. “After a long day in the sun painting a gigantic beast of a mural, it was always nice to know you could hit this spot. Really good food, booze, sidewalk seating and open super late all made this place my kind of spot. That year, I was painting with Doug Hoekzema, and we must of hit this place 15 to 20 times in a month. The short rib meatloaf was insane, their drumsticks were off the hook, and their curry chicken buns were amazing. Pretty much everything I had here was good. Add that to the fact that you can order a tall boy of PBR, and you have something that is truly awesome, especially at 1 a.m.” Andrew will be participating in the Juxtapoz and Chandran Gallery project at the Shore Club; will show new work with Mark Moore Gallery and Morgan Lehman gallery at The Miami Project; and also have new work with Hosfelt Gallery at PULSE.

11th Street Diner

Lele Saveri‘s favorite place in Miami. “I’m opening a small library/zine shop at The Standard and I’ll have a bikestand going around on the beach, from Wednesday every day till about 8 p.m.,” Lele says.

Raleigh Hotel

Gary Baseman’s favorite place in Miami. “I always like to keep Art Basel simple, and my favorite thing is just getting breakfast outside at the Raleigh Hotel right on Collins. I love the history, the Art Deco design, and feeling relaxed in the middle of it all with my meal and my sketchbook.” Gary will have an art installation, titled Mythical Homeland, at Aqua with Shulamit Gallery. He is installing a birch forest, with his paintings and drawings nailed to the trees.

W South Beach

Madsteez’s favorite place in Miami. “My favorite place in Miami just so happens to be a skinny but football-length row of palm trees just out front of the W Hotel,” Madsteez says. “I’ve spent several consecutive years there pin-balling from tree to tree whilst projectile vomiting. This year, I’m hoping for a free play or at least an extra ball.” Madsteez will be painting a mural on NE 28th and N Miami, and a Dennis Hopper 2.0 tribute piece in Wynwood.I’m also going to be painting for Basel Castle on Saturday, December 7, at Grand Central Park. I’m going to be painting the surprise secret performer, and I’m not a liberty to say who it is, but I can say he is big and black!”


Joe’s Stone Crab

Joshua Liner’s favorite place in Miami. One of my favorite places to eat in Miami is Joe’s Stone Crab,” Josh says. “There’s never enough time to eat when working the fairs down there, so I always make it a point to hit Joe’s for lunch the day I leave. It’s become a bit of a celebratory ritual I have. Not only do they have the best stone crab claws, but they have what might be the best Manhattan Clam Chowder, better than anything I have had in NYC. I know you’re thinking, who wants to eat soup in Miami when its 70+ degrees out? Well I do, because it’s that good.” Joshua Liner Gallerywill be showing at the Miami Project fair this year, booth #213. The booth will feature works by David Ellis, Ed Templeton, Eric Cahan, Geoff McFetridge, Kris Kuksi, Nigel Peake, Pema Rinzin, Richard Colman, Serena Mitnik-Miller, Stephen Powers, Thomas Campbell and Tiffany Bozic.

Clives Cafe

Greg Lamarche’s favorite place in Miami. He goes there for the “home cooking and cucumber soda.” Greg will be showing prints in the Max Fish x Klughaus pop-up, painting walls with new paint sponsor Kobra, and doing the “mandatory schmoozing and boozing. Maybe make a little history in the process.”

News Cafe

SMASH 137‘s favorite place in Miami. “They are many places in Miami I love,” SMASH says, “but a good day in Miami starts with eggs benedict (news style) and a cafe con leche at News Cafe.” SMASH will be showing some new large paintings with LSC Gallery at CONTEXT.

The Fish House

DABS & MYLA‘s favorite place in Miami. “The Fish House is about a one-hour drive south from Miami,” DABS says. “We have been there three times over the past five years that we have been to Miami! We went there yesterday! It’s the best seafood we have ever had!” DABS & MYLA are showing with Thinkspace in its booth alongside Audrey Kawasaki at Scope in Miami. They are also building an installation for the Women on the Walls exhibition at the Wynwood Walls Gallery.



Fratelli La Bufala
Ruediger Glatz’s favorite place in Miami, for its “fantastic pizza and great burrata.” His favorite places also include La Sandwicherie for “great late-night sandwiches,” News Café for “great hangover breakfasts,” and BodySense for “great massages,” plus Art Basel and Pulse for art fairs. During Basel, Glatz will be away on a photoshoot in the Maldives, but will soon be launching his new website, The New Black. The site is in partnership with German Vogue, and is a portrait project of the international fashion scene.

Blue Collar Restaurant

FriendsWithYou’s favorite place in Miami. “So Miami has many gems for food and fun but you really got to know about them,” says Sam Borkson of FriendsWithYou. “My top favorite food spots are Blue Collar for good ol’ American, and Michaels Genuine, Sabor A Peru for one of best ceviches in the world, and Enriquetas for a Cuban sandwich. Versailles and LaCareta have the best Cuban food in town and David’s Cafe for a cafecito. If you want the best hoagie in the world, go a bit up north for LaSpadas—they are big so share with your friends. Best party is PeachFuzz downtown, and during Basel there are parties on every corner it seems. Le Baron is always a great dance adventure. And if you don’t make it to the ocean, you are missing out, it’s the best feature in Miami. Go for a swim, soak in the warm sun! Soho Beach House Miami gets bonus points for being one of the best spots to relax.The Standard also has an incredible pool on the bay. 

“As far as art, make sure to check out the main fair Art Basel in the convention center. It’s really the top of the top, followed by NADA art fair and Pulse, then the Miami regular gems, Rubel collection, The de la Cruz collection, Bass Museum, Spinello and Gucci Vuitton are stepping ahead of the rest. During Basel, there are so many good things going on so keep your ear to the ground to make sure not to miss anything special.”

FriendsWithYou are going to be bringing an interactive installation of healing and rainbow magic poolside at the Mondrian hotel. It opens Thursday from 2 to 8 p.m., with support by Paul Kasmin Gallery, Paper Magazine, and the Morgan’s Group. They will also host a yoga session with GreyArea after the long week of art consumption, Saturday from 11 to 2 p.m. “It should be a great week,” Sam says. “We love you Miami and see you soon!”

Pool at The Standard

Cheryl Dunn’s favorite place in Miami. “I will be having a Miami premiere of my new feature film, Everybody Street, at the Miami Beach Cinematheque on Friday night, and also doing a talk at the Miami Street Photography Festival,” Cheryl says. “I am also doing a zine signing Thursday, December 5, at the ALLDAYEVERYDAY Newsstand at The Standard, and riding my bike around looking at art and drinking dark and stormies with good friends.”

Versace Mansion

Curtis Kulig’s favorite place in Miami. “I’ve always been amazed by the Versace mansion,” says Curtis. “It makes me wish I was there in the 1980s.” Curtis will soon be releasing a print with Idem Paris. “They are incredible to work with,” he says.

Wynwood Arts District

Monica Canilao’s favorite place in Miami. “My favorite spot would have to be the abandoned building that Swoon and I got married in in the middle of the night, then our wedding procession of fabulous friends and us all ran out howling and screeching and lit a huge bonfire of couches and trash to dance around. We ended up on a beach, which was also magical, where our boyfriends at the time did a striptease together and rolled around in the sand making out. Here is my favorite time and place. Both probably only existed for those moments in time and have long since disappeared.” Monica will be showing four new collaborations with Swoon, as well as some smaller solo works. “I’m also building a new installation, and a collaborative costumed performance with Sorne and friends—and painting a canoe that that we are going to put in the pool as part of the performance and just to hang out in.”

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