Collector’s Edition: Freddie Fraser Forsyth


In “Collector’s Edition,” we ask people about their personal art collections—from the first piece of art they ever bought to what they want to acquire next. Last time we spoke to Martha Otero, and this time we reached out to Freddie Fraser Forsyth, founder and director of Topsafe London and publisher of Crack & Shine. Freddie is also the curator of the upcoming exhibition, Most Oddinism at this year’s Art Basel. The exhibition explores where visual forms and letters meet, and features Aaron De La Cruz, Christopher Derek Bruno, Ben Eine, Kenji Hirata, Patrick Martinez, Stephen Powers, Roids and Otto Zitko.

What was the first piece of art you bought or acquired?

My father’s best friend is an English illustrator named Brian Grimwood. He gave me a small canvas with a drawing of a turtle when I was 8. It still sits in the same place in my family home.
What art do you have in your personal collection now?

I have a lot of Horfee stuff. I’ve had the privilege of working with him on various projects since 2009, so I’ve managed to keep a few bits. I have the first canvas he ever did. I have the first edition of Roids first ever print, also some from the show we did More Than Ever in 2012. I have some really nice type paintings by Emilski; I found some Egs originals I’ve had for a long time the other day—he’s a great artist from Helsinki. I’ve got a lot of Will Robson Scott work from the Crack & Shine project. My sister bought me a Banksy, but I gave it away recently.


What is your favorite piece in your collection?

I had a Roids painting that said “The Future isn’t What It Used To Be.” But it is no longer with me. I loved that painting.

What art would you like to add to your collection?

I’d really like a Robert Montgomery fire poem in my back garden. Anything by Barry McGee. I went to his studio earlier this year and I’m pissed that I didn’t ask about buying one. I’d love one of those Revok pieces from Detroit as well. Anything by Will Tuck.
Do you collect anything besides art?

I used to avidly collect music. But what’s the point now? I have always collected small run books and magazines.


What did you collect as a child?

Micro machines, conkers, empty wine bottles, Treasures of the Earth. That magazine was fucking great.
Title artwork by Taylor McKimens

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