Collector’s Edition: Martha Otero


In this new series, “Collector’s Edition,” we ask people about their personal art collections—from the first piece of art they ever bought to what they want to acquire next. Last time we spoke to Roger Gastman, and this time we reached out to Martha Otero, who is the founder of Martha Otero Gallery in Los Angeles. Eric White’s exhibition, All of This has Not Occurred, is on view there through January 18.

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What was the first piece of art you bought or acquired?

A Joseph Kosuth print from Leo Castelli , and a Damien Hirst spin painting acquired from Science Ltd.


What art do you have in your personal collection now?

Yutaka Sone, Konstantin Bojanov, Eric White, Jen Stark, Jacob Hashimoto and Chris Beas.



What is your favorite piece in your collection?

The Yutaka Sone. Yutaka gifted me a painting of a mountain lion sleeping while dreaming of being in the mountains skiing.


What art would you like to add to your collection?

Bruce Nauman.


Do you collect anything besides art?

I love cute Japanese and Korean stickers.


Artwork, in order of appearance: Damien Hirst, “Beautiful Remastered Rubelite Tourmaline Painting,” 2007; Eric White, “The End,” 2012. Title artwork by Taylor McKimens.

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