Collector’s Edition: Roger Gastman


In this new series, “Collector’s Edition,” we ask people about their personal art collections—from the first piece of art they ever bought to what they want to acquire next. Last time we spoke to Greg Hervieux, and this time we reached out to Roger Gastman, who has published more than 30 art and culture books, was a supervising producer on BANKSY’s Exit Through the Gift Shop, and co-curated Art in the Streets at MOCA. Roger is also the creative director and founder of the media agency R. Rock Enterprises, and is the executive producer of The Legend of Cool Disco Dan.

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What was the first piece of art you bought or acquired?

When I was way young—like grade school—I got an awesome old Carter Beats the Devil poster. The devil in the poster ended up being the first tattoo I ever got. Richard Colman gave it to me.

What art do you have in your personal collection now?

I have art by so, so many people. A few of the obvious you would expect from me like: Richard Colman, Cleon Peterson, Shepard Fairey, Banksy, Jim Houser, Anthony Lister, Kime Buzzelli and Adam Wallacavage. I’m still waiting for my POSE and REVOK. Then I have some fun stuff like Ed Emberley, GG Allin and John Wayne Gacy.
What is your favorite piece in your collection?

I have two of the rough sketches John Pound did for the Garbage Pail Kids. They are awesome. I bought them when I was in my early 20s. I should have gotten more. I also have a great piece by REVS. It’s a metal cutout of a bull with a very large cock that says LET’S FUCK SHIT UP.  Again, I bought it in my early 20s and should have gotten more.
What art would you like to add to your collection?

There is so much more that I want like a Robin Rose, Warhol, Cynthia Connolly black sheep print, John Waters… I have a problem. I really want some of the original Garbage Pail Kid paintings. And did I mention the pieces that REVOK and POSE owe me?

Do you collect anything besides art?

I collect Labradors. Currently, I have a black one and a yellow one. The yellow one has been costing me an arm and a leg recently. She needs to get a job.

I have a really large collection of graffiti and punk rock ephemera. That is the latest growing collection I have. From spray paint cans to punk rock flyers and Kilroy Was Here items, the list goes on. Those are the items I have been enjoying hunting down the most.

I count the ephemera I collect as art in a way. When you have enough of it, it ends up having a value and can be fun to figure out creative ways to display it.
What did you collect as a child?

G.I. Joe, He-Man, Garbage Pail cards, baseball cards, photos of people’s naked sisters—so much stuff. I guess I started young! I still have a bunch of it at my mom’s house.


Title artwork by Taylor McKimens

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